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Black toe nail
Jun 1, 2009
... You damaged the nail bed when you dropped the masonite on it. The blood bruise will get bigger as the space fills up with blood from the nail bed. The point of trauma will generally separate from the nail bed, which is why the area seems to be getting larger. ... (1 replies)
Damaged toe nail
Apr 19, 2009
... hey a few night ago i droped a very heavy chair on my big toe, it hurt alot a few minuites later it was bleeding alot i cleaned it up an noticed my nail was lifting from my nail bed I Been Keeping It Clean an wraped while i sleep because im very scared of loosing my toe nail or coursing an infection .... ... (0 replies)
Damaged nail bed
Mar 5, 2014
... Hi. Question. Now my big toe nail was removed surgically. The nail matrix at the bottom was left intact but a bit of the nail bed from the top was removed. It has nearly been 2 years now, only a bit of hard skin is growing at the bottom. Will my nail ever grow back? ... (0 replies)

Missing Toe nail
Jan 20, 2012
... So about a month ago I jammed my middle toe on the left foot into the internals of an elliptical machine. Cut the tip of the nail and skin, bleed like it should, wrapped it and after a day it went back to looking like It was just flesh wound. Nail never went black nothing. ... (0 replies)
... It is now slightly more than 4 months since the accident. It was a very good idea to have the toe nail removed, as leaving it in place would have impeded growth, as well as been painful when wearing shoes. ... (2 replies)
Big Toe Nail
Sep 4, 2010
... My nail bed at the base has a white spot lower than the nail bed that is hard. Could it be the new nail growing in? ... (0 replies)
Nail bed damaged?
May 18, 2010
... the nail became ingrown and really painful. I ended up digging at the corners a bit to stop it from cutting into my skin. ... (1 replies)
Damaged nail-bed
Sep 11, 2009
... bed was damaged and it still grows with a split. can this be repaired? ... (1 replies)
... If the nail did not properly heal within 6 months, it will always be the way it is now. YOu more than likely split or damaged the matrix where the nail plate cells are developed. The tissue sticking up between the split is actually the skin of the nail bed. ... (1 replies)
Smashed toe
Dec 31, 2008
... You may have damaged the nail bed, which is why it isn't growing in attached from that portion forward. If it didn't heal within the first 6 months, it will always be the way it is now. ... (1 replies)
... You may have stubbed the toe or experienced some other form of trauma to the distal edge of the nail for it to turn blue and separate from the nail bed. ... (1 replies)
... i wore a pair of shoes years ago that didn't fit properly and now both my big toe nails are no longer there as they fell off. I have been wearing false ones but it is becoming too expensive and time consuming. ... (1 replies)
Toe nail
Nov 23, 2007
... You might try applying a good quality nail and cuticle oil to the skin of the nail bed to keep it soft and hydrated. This would allow the nail plate to grow up and over the ridge of skin. ... (1 replies)
... Applying an acrylic nail to the exposed skin of the nail bed is the perfect way to give yourself an allergic reaction. Acrylic products should never be applied to skin as they are considered sensitizing agents. ... (3 replies)
... If so, that would be a huge relief because I thought I would only have half a toe for the rest of my life. ... (18 replies)
... A "top layer" came away easily and left sort of hard skin underneath. The nail continues to grow but a bit bobbley and not stuck to nail bed. Will it ever do you think? ... (3 replies)
... Okay. I haven't done anything to it since the nail fell off. I will, however, try the ointment. I don't cover it unless I go to the gym. Then I uncover it. I just don't want to hurt it. ... (19 replies)
... The hard area over the matrix is a very thin layer of nail plate. The bumpy damaged skin of the nail bed will heal as the nail plate grows forward from the matrix, although it may look lumpy nad bumpy for a while. ... (19 replies)
... I sure will. I just painted the nails a nice cherry red, so I can't see the nail, but there was a very small bruise-type mark at the cuticle line. Time will fingernails grow at a pretty nice rate, so I hope I see SOME significant growth in the big toe. I'll let you know... Thanks, again, for the help. Amy (19 replies)
... Rip the nail out by the root and it won't grow anymore because it ccanot create new nail plate cells. Damage the matrix and the nail may grow in bumpy or ridged depending on the amount of damage. ... (19 replies)

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