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... go which was completely removed by the doctor. Now my new toenail is thick. The doctor said it's onychomycosis. He's not a dermatologist. But i am not sure as my nails are not that discolored. Can someone help? ... (0 replies)
... Thcik nails with a yellow to green to brown to black discoloration is classic for a Pseudomonas bacterial infection. You will need to see your doctor. ... (5 replies)
... I had ingrown toe nails fixed (big toes) about 10 years ago. My left big toe has a weird shape to it (concave). I've checked with several doctors and since the nail itself looks healthy (except the shape), they say there is nothing wrong. They said that sometimes this happens after this type of procedure. I don't wear open toed shoes anymore since I don't want people to... (5 replies)

... the right one that has no shape deformation. It's thick and discolored. I had bought some liquid medicine from a pharmacy that I applied with a tiny brush on my nails but I can't recall its name. It didn't seem to work. ... (5 replies)
... nail and I was afraid to do anything else after that. I had 2 operations on my right foot and one on my left. Anyway after the removal of the nails, when the new nails grew they were ugly and deformed. My right foot's toenail is really thick and yellow or green. My left foot's nail is even worse. ... (5 replies)
... years ago i had my ingrown toenails permanently removed, however, i assume i screwed up when putting on the brown liquid stuff because my nails have grown back. ... (0 replies)
... Maybe you've already looked into this, but the condition of your nails is a indication of your health. For instance, having Candida will deform your nails. ... (1 replies)
Deformed toenail
Jan 9, 2009
... Have the nails been this way since birth? ... (1 replies)
... about a month ago I noticed 2 finger on my right hand looked a little funny at the start of the nail at the cuticle, very slightly yellowish white, when I touched the spot on the nail I noticed it was EXTREMELY soft. Soft enough for me to dig a chunk out. I figured it was some sort of infection and started putting antibiotic cream on it. They are just white now, but do turn... (7 replies)
... yes and no. nails will grow back yes. i've ripped half my big toe nail off and it grew back perfect. ... (2 replies)
... If it is thick and discolored yellow and has apparent debris in the area of separation, then it is fungal. Try using one of the OTC drugs for fungus nail infection. (5 replies)
... You could have two things going on here. Whenever a nail is removed, if the doctor does anything to the matrix (where the nail plate cells are developed), it can cause th enail plate to grow in 'damaged'. The thickness and discoloration could very well be from a fungal infection, but the green discoloration sounds more like a Pseudomonas bacterial infection. You really need... (5 replies)
... Soak the nails for at least 10 full minutes, then take them out of he water and lightly dry them off. ... (4 replies)
... d horrible pressure and pain since the surgery, however, but I have yet to figure out if this is normal. I guess I can't offer any advice on whether to have your nails permanently removed or not. I just wanted to share my experience with the actual removal. Oh, and it doesn't look as bad as I thought it would without the nail. ... (4 replies)
... I had a bad case of athelete's foot years ago that somehow spread under six of my toenails. They are now deformed, especially the big toes. They nails and the nail bed are curled badly and can become ingrown. ... (4 replies)
... I went to the dermatoligist over a month ago to have her look at my deformed nails that only grow on my thumbs. ... (2 replies)
Deformed nails
Jun 24, 2003
... Hi, everyone. Has anyone heard anything about fingernails that lines grooved into them, and when they get beyond the end of the fingertip the shape twists and curls? Not on all of them, but some. Someone mentioned this as a sign of lupus, but I'm not convinced. Any other people out there with this? (2 replies)
Is this Melanoma
Aug 23, 2016
... I have this for more than a year. Made appointment for Friday for my regular doctor but I am worried. I had a broken nails before and since then the black discoloration still there. It is also deformed. My nails are weak. Everytime It started to grow it breaks. ... (0 replies)
... Both my thumbnails have been deformed for as long as I remember. I think the cause was because, when I was around 6, I was playing with my nails and even using a TOOTHPICK to pick at the cuticles. Yes, I'm rather silly for doing that. I really regret it. ... (1 replies)
... I am desperate for some answers and am waiting to see another doctor at the end of this month. But, my problem with my nails just keeps getting worse each day. It began over two years ago when I thought all I had was a fungus on one big toenail. ... (1 replies)

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