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... Terry's Nails" are more white from the cuticle towards the free edge and very pink at the distal edge. Causes? ... (11 replies)
... like appearance of the nails. Doesn't happen on all nails at the same time. I have been having the big D for the last year and have gone to a GI doctor for multiple tests. I was positive for malabsorption and then had an upper endoscopy for celiac. ... (11 replies)
... My nails have been like this for a bit over three months, so I'm starting to think it isn't from playing piano haha... ... (0 replies)

... It's normal to have white at the bottom of nail and pink higher up. ... (1 replies)
... Hi All, I have never posted before but am looking for some answers. I have weird half pink and half white nails where the white is at the bottom. I have read that this can be due to liver or kidney disease and am afraid I have liver disease because I drank alot when i was younger. ... (1 replies)
... Please please could you help. I've had a problem with my toesnails which started about 3 years ago now and has increased to the point where I'm getting upset to be honest. I can't get my feet out in the summer, and now its spread to my fingers, its horrible. ... (14 replies)
... not red. Pressing down on the nail plate will cause even a normal nail to make the nail bed appear white because it basically stops the flow of blood. ... (11 replies)
... until another doctor hooked him up and put him on a treadmill. He didn't last a minute! ... (11 replies)
... Red" nails are indicative of Heart conditions. ... (11 replies)
... about a year and a half ago. I joined Curves and worked out 4 times a week. This past January, I joined the Nutrition class and actually learned how to eat healthy. Since Sept of 2006, I have lost 19 pounds and over 20". ... (11 replies)
... but have had this nail problem for 8 months now. Dermatologist blew me off as well. Never thought it could be related to the celiac issue. I was food tested and found out I am allergic to the "celiac items" yeast, wheat, barley, rye, oats, etc. ... (11 replies)
... white, they must've been growing like this for quite a while and I just never noticed. ... (1 replies)
... It could very well be a change in the shape and length of the nail matrix (the white half-moon at teh cuticle area.) Usually when one is taking pre-natal vitamins, there is always a change in the nail plate. If you are concerned, ask your doctor. (11 replies)
... dairy to address some potential food intolerances. Since then I've noticed some strange fingernail symptoms. Half of my nail looks paler than the other half. ... (11 replies)
... Hello. I am a 32 year old male in over all good health. for months now I have notice that my nails have a wide pale band on the top half so they are no longer pink unless I apply pressure to the nail. The bottom half of the nail is slightly pink. Is this something i should be concerned about? ... (2 replies)
Gel vs. Acrylic
Aug 1, 2008
... and then use a gel sealer and call them 'gel' nails. They are not! ... (3 replies)
... this seems to be genetically linked as my dad and grandmother has the same problem. My nails, however, are normal. Recently though, my nails are starting to separate from the nail bed starting from the edge of my nails, and is slowly spreading to the middle. This is only happening to a few nails.. ... (1 replies)
... White, bumpy, pitted nails can signify nail psoriasis which can end up affecting all of your nails. I would see your physician for a proper diagnosis. ... (1 replies)
... I think your nails are fine and there is no reason for you to be cutting them so short. I think its great that you wear gloves to protect your skin and nails from potentially hazardous solvents. ... (6 replies)
Weird Nails!
Jan 5, 2004
... the portion of the nail unit where the nail plate cells are 'born'. When the body produces these cells, they are usually round, plump and filled with an inner material. As they grow forward toward the free edge, they lose their inner material, become flat, hard and translucent. ... (3 replies)

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