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... The bottom of my nail from the cuticle to about half way up looks completely normal. Then as it goes up you can see the infection. My nail has mostly crumbled away and i have no nail at the top. ... (2 replies)
... ig toenail separating from the nail bed. It's still completely attached to the cuticle, and right now I have it bandaged down to the nail bed. Currently there is no inflammation and no pain unless I apply a lot of pressure. I've only tried cleaning it with soap and rubbing alcohol, neither of which caused any real pain. ... (3 replies)
... s, thymol can actually 'kill' any existing fungal spores within the sample they send off for testing, so by the time the lab gets the sample, there are virtually no fungal spores to 'find'. ... (4 replies)

... I had blood work done and got the results Friday. So far so good, no liver problems what so ever. I asked, and the doctor allowed, to go on another three months of the Lamisil. ... (0 replies)
... Done. No more Maximum Nail Growth. ... (38 replies)
Split Nail
Apr 22, 2005
... some sort and is pushing its way up through the nail plate. The nail plate will end up being split into two sections and will remain that way forever. there is no way to "fix" it. ... (1 replies)
... If your natural nail was ripped off along with the acrylic, the exposed nail bed will be damaged. It takes from 3-6 months for a new nail to completely replace itself. I do NOT recommend having a tip or an artifical nail of any kind applied directly to the skin. Firstly, it will not stay for more than 24 hours because the skin will secrete too much oils andmoisture to allow... (1 replies)
... The reason I said not to cover ANY portion of the nail plate with a bandaid, regardless of antibacterial ointment, is because the bacterium that mostly invades the spaces between the nail plate layers and between the nail plate and the nail bed is pseudomonas, and this type of bacterial infection dearly LOVES the nail plate - even more so when it is chock full of moisture,... (12 replies)
... I do this often and have no problems. ... (12 replies)
Fungal toe nail
Oct 29, 2004
... ANY fungal infection will take up to a year to cure no matter what you are using. ... (28 replies)
... s hot and actually hurts. So I tried using the same cream the doc gave me for my elbows on the nail and it's made a world of difference in just one week. I had no idea that a nail could "correct" itself without growing out. It's not perfect, but much smoother and less obvious and I'm experiencing no hotness or discomfort. ... (1 replies)
... Cuticle skin isn't the skin you can see that grows around the nail unit. It is translucent skin that grows forward on the nail plate from under the fold of skin that touches the nail plate. It is your eponychium that peels, adn it would benefit from daily applications of a mixture of jojoba oil and vitamin E. Vitamin E on its own cannot penetrate the nail plate or the skin... (9 replies)
... DO NOT wear a bandaid over the nail as this will only trap more moisture, which can lead to infection. The stain between the nail bed and the nail plate could signify trapped blood, or it could signify a pseudomonas bacterial infection. Pseudomonas loves moisture and can get into the area of lift and cause an even greater problem. Keep the area clean and DRY at all times. ... (5 replies)
... last year, and it delveloped a small blood spot that eventually grew out... no problem. This time, however, it became so sore I could barely use my finger. ... (5 replies)
... s bacterial infections are characterized by a yellow to green to brown to black discoloration in the nail plate with apparent nail plate separation, but there is no apparent debris in the area of separation. ... (2 replies)
... ed on the proximinal fold above the matrix and root and it feels like the root is moving up and down. Like it is disconnected. The nail is still connected at the cuticle and the hyponychium. Will I ever have a nail grow back or am I stuck with no nail forever once this falls off? ... (0 replies)
... ic showers or spas or saunas and do not go to nail salons. At one point in the beginning there was a huge blister like thing that formed under the skin near the cuticle area and it is only on the left side of the toe always. ... (0 replies)
... (4 replies)
... Around four years ago, my big toenail got bruised (from wearing shoes that were too tight). The bruised area got a bit detached, but a large part of the nail was still attached; so I let it grow out. Over the years, the toenail keeps growing but it's always growing back partly unattached. It's only attached down one side of the nail and at the bottom (like an L shape).... (0 replies)

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