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... I've been biting my nails for at least 15 years. But really it's not so much nail biting as it is skin biting. I pick at my cuticles and the skin around and on top of my finger... ... (1 replies)
... If the proximal nail fold is red and swollen as well, it is more than likely a Paronychia infection which should be treated by a dermatologist since it is recurring. ... (1 replies)
... An acute reaction to nail products would compromise the skin surrounding the nail unit. It would first show as itching, red cuticles, a burning sensation on the nail bed and eventually you would experience blisters around the nail unit accompanied by splitting, peeling skin. ... (1 replies)

... The true cuticle is the transparent skin that grows forward with the nail plate; although I will say that the majority of people refer to the eponychium as the cuticle, so I won't 'correct' you :) Your skin is severly dry! whenever the skin cracks and bleeds, it is lacking the proper porprtions of natural oils and moisture. This is normally supplied by the underlying... (5 replies)
... Hi Marti, you seem to know your nails! :-) I'm having a problem with my cuticles.Their cracked and they bleed, and around the top of my nail is red. Any suggestions? Thanks. Also, I know your going to say its not my cuticle but it is. Not my eponychium, its the cuticle and the lateral nail folds. This is not just one finger. Its all of them! Please help. (5 replies)
... Ok, now we have gotten down to the possible source of your problem! Have you ever thought that you may be allergic to the Latex? You might have to switch to a different type of glove. Latex allergies, or allergies to powdered gloves, will often manifest themselves in this manner; especially when it effect the skin on the entire hand and not just around the nails. Try... (12 replies)
... I dont' wear bandaids at work, I wear gloves and wash my hands. Plus, I haven't worked in four months and my cuticles have only been really bad b/c of the amount of pain I am in-I am on disability right now. The ONLY time I suggested using the bandaids was overnight-since you don't touch your nails during that time. WE HAVE to wear bandaides or some cover if we have open... (12 replies)
... r reply..i had them done last nite with the gel..just for kicks, told her to keep everything away from my far, so good..usally, by next morning, my cuticles and skin around nails will be red and itching. I have found, also, in case anyone is interested, that Tea Tree Oil works great for this issue.. ... (8 replies)
... He suggested waiting to use the prescription medicine because there is a risk of liver and heart damage. The fingers were all very sore, especially to pressure, red and swollen. ... (2 replies)
... I have been having acrylic nails applied by the same person, same salon for the last 5 yrs. For the last 6 months I have been experiencing red, swollen and itchy cuticles after having them done. It is gradually getting worse. I saw somewhere that changing to the gel would help, but unsure. My real nails are very thin.. ... (8 replies)
... followed by 1 coat of the Intensive Therapy and I use those two as my base coat, I am also rubbing in Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage cream into my cuticles every night now. ... (2 replies)
... You may very well have an infection in the skin from keeping them moist all the time. Please go see a dermatologist for a proper diagnosis and possible prescription. (1 replies)
Marti please help
Nov 26, 2008
... Paronychia is a bacterial infection of the nail fold (skin) that surrounds the nail unit. Running a culture on nail clippings will only show a nail infection, not a skin infection. Paronychia is characterized by red, swollen, painful cuticles. It will only invade the nail plate if it is a severely acute condition. What you have described sounds more like psoriasis or... (1 replies)
... Anyway, the nail bed on one whole side looks like pus, and looks terrible. It is slightly red and hurts worse than it looks. I looked on a web site about it and it says it is caused by keeping your hands in soap and water. ... (3 replies)
... On Friday I had a manicure for the first time ever. The manicurist cut my cuticles on my thumb too much and it started bleeding. She put something on it, I was guessing an antibacterial, before she finished. ... (4 replies)
... I have a bad habit of picking my cuticles, and finally it has caught up with me. For the last couple months my index finger on one of my hands has gotten red and swollen around the cuticle. I soaked it, or put some neosporin on it and it would go away but come back. ... (3 replies)
... I don't have health insurance, either. I got my fingernail caught in a garage door track when I was little, and the nail got ripped off from the base out (yikes). It is a long and tender regrowth period.. It's surprising how often you bump your fingertips on anything. I just smashed my toenail now some 25 years later snowboarding, and it appears the nail base is... (2 replies)
... what we call "rings of fire" in the industry. This is the red marks that run horizontal with the cuticle. ... (13 replies)
... Girl, you are severly allergic TO ANYTHING THAT CONTAINS ACRYLIC (acrylates). Do not sand I repeat DO NOT attempt to use any type of artificial nail product on you rnails again. Once we are allergic, we are allergic for LIFE. Allergic reaction happens after repeated and prolonged skin contact to an allergen, and in your case, it is acrylates. Acrylates are found in all... (15 replies)
... i used to get my nails done every 2 weeks for about a year with no problems. but one time a last summer i did them with the same brand kit id used before and my cuticles got puss under them. i had little itchy bumps all over my fingers and all.. you would think i wouldnt use it again but i did a few more times... ... (15 replies)

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