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Dec 30, 2013
... a piece of my thumbnail ripped off down the side of my finger, somewhat like a hangnail but halfway down the thumb. ... (3 replies)
... I ripped off my fingernail last night.. I have a nail extention on it, well I did. I was only play fighting with my friend and its ripped off to the cuticle. I have never seen so much blood. Its stopped bleeding but it is very weepy. Should I leave it to dry out or keep it covered? ... (0 replies)
... steos and tripped. My ring finger on my right hit the next step or ran into it is better. I have acrylic on with a tip. Any way I ran the end into the next step ripped most of ot loose. It is stil attached somewhat. It looks like I pushed it into the cuticle also. It is swollen and very very sore. I can't take it off yet. ... (1 replies)

... You more than likely only pulled up the nail plate as it would have been very painful if you ripped out the nail root. If it is swollen, try soaking in very cold water for a couple of days. ... (1 replies)
... Hello, So Im proud to say I stopped my finger nail bitting addiction. But I guess it took a heavy toll on me as the last one I manged to bite I also kinda destroyed? I started digging onto the bottom part of my nail and eventually ripped the bottom of it (Im no expert but I guess pretty much half of my lunula is gone). IM FREAKING OUT, since I totally didnt mean for... (1 replies)
... I wouldn't bother having your son put under to have the nail sewen back on because it won't 'take'. Once the nail plate has been ripped from the nail bed, the only thing they can do is to leave it alone and let it heal on its own. ... (1 replies)
... It depends entirely on how badly you damaged the Matrix where the nail plate cells are born. The white half-moon at the base of the nail is the leading edge of the Matrix. If you ripped it enough so that the nail plate separated from the nail bed at the point of damage, it will not re-attach. Whatever portion of the Matrix was not damaged will continue to produce new nail... (1 replies)
... i got my thumb caught in a fan that ripped one side of it up and out from under my cuticle. half of my thumbnail has died and is no longer attached to my skin. ... (1 replies)
... I mashed my finger about two weeks ago. It bled from under the nail immediately, and after about 3 days it detached completely from the nailbed. It is still attached to the cuticle, but it got snagged today at work, and ripped the skin back about 1/4 inch on one side. Now the nail is sitting up on top of the skin, instead of tucking into it. Only the cuticle is still attached.... (5 replies)
... Happy Birthday! I'll turn 55 this friday. I've ripped of my pinky toe nail several years ago and had a few tear nail tears which led me to the salon, and the rest is history.It's nice to meet yoy, Marty. ... (19 replies)
... ere the glass meets the rubber seal. It cut my nail completely in two. The cut goes down through the nail bed and into the flesh to either side of the nail and ripped up the nail plate from the nail bed almost all the way to the free edge. It also shattered the very tip of the fingertip bone. I nearly passed out! ... (19 replies)
... Clean it with warm soapy water and rinse it really well under warm running water. Dry it as best you can and to be sure all the 'water' is dry, you can use your blow dryer set on warm and a low speed. Apply the ointment and then wrap with the gauze. You won't know if the nail will grow back normal or not for at least 3-6 months. it can take this long for the nail to... (7 replies)
... I don't have health insurance, either. I got my fingernail caught in a garage door track when I was little, and the nail got ripped off from the base out (yikes). It is a long and tender regrowth period.. It's surprising how often you bump your fingertips on anything. I just smashed my toenail now some 25 years later snowboarding, and it appears the nail base is... (2 replies)
... Soak the finger in very cold water at least twice a day until the swelling and pain have gone down. After, have your nail tech cut the nail as short as possible and keep it short. As soon as it has healed enough where you can safely and painlessly soak the product off, please do so. Leave it without product until it completely heals. Try 'palming' your shears when you... (1 replies)
... Go to your nail technician and have them remove the wrap, then cut the nail as short as possible. DO NOT continue to wear a bandaid as this will allow for excess moisture to build up in the nail plate - fungus and bacteria just love moisture, and you could get an infection in the areas of nail plate separation. You can get the nail wrapped again after the damage has... (2 replies)
... I have silk wraps and i managed to rip one of my nails, real and wrapped somewhat off, it was bleeding on the sides but remained attached on top. Now its two weeks later, the nail is now unattached to the nail bed and pretty much loose except for on top where its still attached to the finger. The skin on top is receding back on one side, exposing the new nail, i think thats... (2 replies)

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