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... (14 replies)
... No, no yellow fingers, I probably only have 10 cigarettes a week at most! ... (14 replies)
... ok it is only your nails that flake and yellow right and are your fingers a little yellow? ... (14 replies)

... they're yellow and brittle towards the last half, with the area towards the cuticle looking quite pink and sore. 3 tests at the doctors have come back NOT fungal! ... (14 replies)
... I have had an issue for a long time with my big toe nails. I play sports and after taking some abuse they both have turned yellow in the past, fallen off, and have regrown only to turn yellow, purple, whatever color. ... (1 replies)
... in that case, there would be nothing there at all. Toe nails grow much slower than fingernails and can take over a year to completely replace themselves from root to free edge. ... (2 replies)
Yellow toe nails
Oct 8, 2008
... Yes, it can be a side effect of diabetes or you could be developing Yellow Nail Syndrome. Please see your dermatologist. ... (1 replies)
Yellow toe nails
Oct 7, 2008
... I haven't gotten my nails done in a long while, so I know it isn't from polish. I have diabetes and have been on medication. Could this be the cause? ... (1 replies)
... Yesterday my toe nails looked normal, today in the sunlight, my left big toe nail was yellow. There's no fungus, my nails are otherwise healthy. I have been taking iron supplements and wonder if this could be the reason. ... (1 replies)
... noticed where the back bits had appeared, my fleshy bit under my nail had turned into nail. I don't understand what has happened. Plus now the nail has turned a yellow colour. I bought clearzal the new product which kills 99. ... (1 replies)
... This happens to me as well, I keep my toe nails painted all year long. I use a top coat first and my nails still turn yellow. I think that alot of it depends on the color of the polish that you use. ... (2 replies)
... Absolutely! Any polish that has any amount of pigment can stain the surface of the nail plate - especially dark polishes. Remove your polish and lightly buff the surface of the nail plate with a 240 white block buffer in the direction of nail growth. You will also want to buff with a three way buffer: black side, then white side, then grey side. Cleanse the nails really... (2 replies)
... Hiya all, I have been wearing nail polish on my toe nails for last couple of months. I have noticed that they are looking slightly yellow and discoloured, can the nail polish be making them discoloured? ... (2 replies)
... It sounds to me like the nail plate may be crumbling from a fungal infection. Fungus is characterized by a yellowish discoloration to the nail plate, nail plate thickening/crumbling, nail plate separation and apparent debris in the area of separation (lifting). (1 replies)
... My big toe nail half of the nail is a yellow color. When I cut it it's comes off like sawdust. Any ideas what this could be? ... (1 replies)
... I had the problem one time with my big toe nail after I dropped something on it. It stopped growing for a couple of months without any color change. ... (2 replies)
... My question to you is how did you see a difference in your nails so quickly. With fungus infections, nothing can be done with the damaged nail even with oral meds. ... (4 replies)
... Usually a discoloration of this nature could be attributed to a pseudomonas bacterial infection, but it would usually compromise more than just the free edge. Fungus does not appear as black, but more yellow. Could be from your shoes if you don't wear socks. (1 replies)
... I suffered for years as a child with Iron deficiency anemia and my nails suffered for it. ... (4 replies)
... Fungus is gone!!! Can anyone relate??? I'd love to help others!!!!! I've had fungus on my big toe nails (yellow, brown, smelly, thick, just YUCK!) for as long as I can remember (well, 13 yrs.). Nothing has worked to clear my condition, but I was chicken to try lamis. etc. Since I was recently diagno. as having full-blown anemia (iron), I started taking large doses of... (4 replies)

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