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... Your nail should grow back. Fungus shouldn't prevent it. Nails are made up of Keratin, and the laser didnt destroy may take time, but you should start seeing growth again. ... (1 replies)
... and it came back "no fungus", just trauma. ... (1 replies)
... If they fall off on their own, they can possibly grow back. Mine have fallen off, more than once and have grown back. ... (3 replies)

... my nails...well juts on my big toes. I went to the podiatrist and he told me that my nails are dead and that he would have to remove them...but they would never grow back again....apparently they put a medicine to make them not ever that normal? ... (3 replies)
... I had a fungal infection under the proximal nail fold, and had to have my toenail removed so the infection would clear up. ... (2 replies)
... in which i dropped an electric sander on my big toe. Around a week and a half later, the toenail fell off. That alone was cause for some distress, as this hasn't happened to me before, but now I'm concerned on whether or not it can grow back. ... (2 replies)
... Vitamins for the nails help it grow better (pernatal vitamins and biotin help) my doctor said for a toe nail to grow back normally it takes up to 6 months, the vitamins help it more, but it all depends on how fast your nails/toenails grow and also depends on how you take care of it, so make sure your not putting pressure on it or hitting a lot and take vitamins to help the... (5 replies)
... How long does it take for the big toenail to grow back? ... (1 replies)
... months. But all of this usually depends on how fast your nails grow anyway.. ... (5 replies)
... months to grow back in. I would check to see if there is a fungal infection that caused the nail to fall off. ... (5 replies)
... It just fell off in my welly. It was such a surprise cos I thought that my toenails were securely fastened to my toes at the time. I didn't even realise that my toenail had fallen off until I was sitting in a friend's house one day and he seen that my left big toe had no more nail and he started pointing and laughing at it. ... (5 replies)
... it took me up to 6 months or 8 to be completed grown. (7 replies)
... g on my big toe and someone said i ruptured the nail bed. my toe nail turned black and i think its going to fall off. how long does it take for the whole nail to grow back? ... (7 replies)
... r! One more question. Both of my little toesnails are split on the ends and they've been like this for years. I've tried removing part of the nail so that it may grow back together but it never worked. They've been this way since I was about 13 or 14. Is there any way of fixing this? ... (3 replies)
... months to grow back. Find yourself a good nail tech who specializes in sculptured acrylic nails and have them sculpt a toenail for you. This can be maintained until the natural nail grows back. ... (7 replies)
... of the way there. I'm going on holiday in March and I was just wondering if there are tips on helping it to grow faster or disguising it? ... (7 replies)
... After having several problems with an ingrown toenail, I had a procedure done which was intended to prevent further problems. My entire toenail was removed, and some sort of weak acid was applied to the edges of the root to make the nail grow back narrower. ... (1 replies)
... The nail plate will grow back on its own, but like I said, it can take up to a year depending on your genetics. Keep it clean and dry. ... (3 replies)
... nfected or anything. I do spend a lot of time in the pool, and I tend to go barefoot a lot. Anyway, I wonder if I need any kind of medicine, or if it will just grow back on its own.... ... (3 replies)
... You should have read a little further and you would have found out that the tapered part of the skin that you are mentioning is a forward growth of the skin that is tightly adhered to the nail plate. the TRUE cuticle is the transparent skin that grows out withthe cuticle and should be removed during a manicure process. If your epony****m (the soft tissue behind the skin you... (2 replies)

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