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... Thanks for the info! I figured it was because the nail bed is so small, so the nail has no where else to grow but up. (5 replies)
... The shape of the toenail (as in the fingernails) is directly related to the shape of the underlying bone. The nail bed follows the shape of the bone; the nail plate follows the shape of the nail bed. When a nail grows in an upward slope, it is called a "ski-jump" nail. There is nothing wrong with it, there is just very little nail bed for the nail plate to grow forward on;... (5 replies)
... The shape of the nail is mandated by the shape of the underlying bone tip, and most pinky toes have a slight upward turn to the pinky bone. No idea why though. ... (5 replies)

... bed bleeding under the nail plate. Hematoma will result in the nail plate separating from the nail bed if there is a lot of blood present. The blood will build up between the nail bed and the nail plate and 'push' the nail plate from the nail bed and the nail will be loose. ... (1 replies)
... It is much easier to clean under the nail if it is short. It also helps to prevent trauma to the nails from your shoes. Too much pressure on longer nails from your shoes can cause hematoma. When a hematoma is present, it will cause the nail plate to lift from the nail bed. Whenever there is a cut, tear or break to the seal surrounding the nail unit, it is the perfect... (2 replies)
... can then apply the artificial nail to the 'hard' skin, or the minimal nail plate, with a gel type nail adhesive. It should adhere, with proper preparation, for up to 24 hours before the oils in the skin will make the adhesive turn loose of the skin. ... (5 replies)
... if there is a cut, tear or break to the seal surrounding the nail unit, pseudomonas can move in, set up housekeeping and turn into a full blown infection. It first begins in our nails as a light green stain, then progresses through the stages of dark green to brown to black. ... (3 replies)
... Any chance your ring toe nails just grow in such a manner that they scrape on some particular shoes and pick up some black dye? ... (5 replies)
... The discoloration on both big toenails and the pinky nails looks much like Pseudomonas bacterial infection. ... (3 replies)
... underneath those turned up edges. ... (4 replies)
... rial infection. If ALL the black came off when you scraped it and the nail appeared normal, then you can possibly rule out infection. Pseudomonas will generally turn the nail plate from green to brown to black, but will also cause the nail to separate from the nail bed and will have no apparent debris to 'scrape' out. ... (2 replies)
... The vertical split in the nail plate is caused by scar tissue that developed on the nail bed due to the trauma to the toenail. Since the matrix was involved, the damage begins where the nail plate cells are born as the scar tissue begins in that area. Your doctor is right, there is nothing you can do about it to permanently 'heal' it so it will grow normal again. You... (3 replies)
... I broke my big toe several years ago, and the nail fell off. It grew back, but hasn't been right ever since. It's a little hard to describe, but there are two toenails side by side, with a little bit of overlap, right in the middle. It looks like there is a big split down the middle of the toenail. ... (3 replies)
... rn'. As the matrix developes new cells, it will push the damaged portion toward the free edge and eventually off the distal edge. Since this was a toenail, and toenails grow much slower than fingernails, it can take no less than 6 months for most of the lifted portion to be pushed off. ... (4 replies)
... back you tore it, you can cut away as much of the lifted portion as you can without causing yourself any more pain. If you are wearing a bandaid, it will build up excess moisture in the nail plate, which is not a good thing. ... (1 replies)
... Applying an acrylic nail to the exposed skin of the nail bed is the perfect way to give yourself an allergic reaction. Acrylic products should never be applied to skin as they are considered sensitizing agents. Also, they do not adhere well to skin considering that the skin contains large amounts of oils and moisture which are separating mediums. When one adheres acrylic... (3 replies)
... this can take from a few days to a few weeks depending on how bad the irritation is. The 'thick' medications will turn more liquid once the skin warms it up and it will wick into the areas of separation and around the nail unit. ... (42 replies)
... True nail fungus will cause the nail to become detached from the nail bed, the nail plate will thicken, turn a yellowish color and there will be apparent debris in the area of separation. ... (4 replies)
... The tip will stay on your toe for about 24 hours, or until it gets wet in the shower. Water and moisture are absorbed into the skin and will make the glue turn loose of the skin. ... (5 replies)
... perienced any kind of a cut, break or tear to the seal that binds the nail plate to the nail bed, it is a perfect avenue for the spores to enter the site and set up housekeeping. ... (2 replies)

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