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Hi Everyone: I was just looking for info on this problem and came across this forum, so I registered so I could post my story. I woke up about five days ago and found an indentation in my right upper thigh. There is also a squared off patch measuring 5 cm x 3 cm where you can feel a nodule under the skin and the patch of skin is hard and swollen. There is some pain. I am an RN and it looked like atrophy or muscle wasting to me as I was struck by a patient back in May at work and my body twisted into a 180 degree turn in a split second. I sustained several broken bones in my nose, had to have my nose reconstructed and now have all this pain in my neck and back with numbness, tingling and needle shooting pains in both legs, feet and toes. I had two EMGs done and two MRIs done and bloodwork. I just showed my neurologist this today and he said it is quite abnormal and ordered a CAT scan of my thigh and a bone scan. I am surprised to see that everyone on this forum is having this also. He said it usually comes after an injection or being hit or kicked, but I have not had any injections. It is quite painful to touch and I can feel the lump and see the swelling. I think the indentation is a loss of O2 to the muscles and impeding circulation flow. This is my opinion as I know what muscle wasting looks like. Never thought I would see it on myself. But I have been having more problems develop since I was hit full blast in the face by this Psych patient five months ago. I can't stand or sit too long as I my feet and toes go numb. I hope we all find out what is going on.
Hi. I am also glad to see that I'm not the only one with these indentations in the thighs. I was worried when I first saw them a couple days ago. I can't believe so many people have these "dents" but the doctors don't seem to know exactly what it is and what the causes are. I've read so many threads about people having the same thing. A lot of people have gotten MRI's done and still...nothing. I thought it might be fat and/or muscle atrophy as well. My indentations are on both thighs. The one on the right thigh is deeper than the one on the left. Some people said that it could be caused from steriod injections too. I don't take any of that. The only thing I can think of is that I had a baby 8 and a half months ago. Like most women who have babies, I gained some weight especially in my legs. I lost most of my pregnancy weight right after the birth of my daughter but I haven't lost all the weight in my thighs yet. I think with the weight loss in my thighs and the pressure I have from my daughter sitting on them has caused the indentations. I'm not sure. I hope someone is able to find a good doctor with an answer to this mysterious indentation.
I am sooo happy to see that I am not the only one with this!

I have the dents across both my thighs. I am 24 yrs old and weigh 125lbs, and recently became a professional dancer. About 2 months ago, I started taking more dance classes and going to the gym more. After 2 really really strenuous dance classes my muscles were very sore. Then I noticed the dents within a couple days. I have been very concerned about it since. At first I thought the muscle was just stressed and swollen in that area. But it's now over a month later. If I tore it, I feel I wouldn't be able to dance on it or work out, and that's not affecting me.

I have never had any shots in my legs, I feel no discomfort or pain when I touch the area. They are both about 3 inches in length, and 1 inch wide..sort of oval shaped. The left thigh line continues out a little more.

My husband thought maybe it is dense fat? I have been losing wieght and thought it could possibly be more noticeable now :confused:
I really wish it would just go away :(

I'm going to see a Physical Therapist tomorrow morning to have it worked on, incase of muscle injury. But I plan on seeing a Physiatrist..that's someone who specializes in the muscular skeletal system. I will let you know what they say.
Wow! I was kind of amazed to read these threads. I, too, have two identical indentations in my thighs that look like a loss of muscle. I have no pain and no discoloration there; just an indentation. They line up perfectly with my vanity in the bathroom where I spend time on my makeup/skin care.

This is really freaking me out to be honest. Will it go away? Did it go away for anyone? :confused:
Hi all,

I'm a new entrant into the dented upper thigh family. I noticed mine about a week ago, it's horizontal, about 3 inches down from my hip bone, and only on the left thigh.

It's quite pronounced, particularly when I'm standing and my muscles are taut. I like most of you, was freaking out wondering if I had some unknown muscle wastage disease, but there is no pain, no colour change, no defined edges, no injury or open wound, nothing.

I've just checked against my bathroom counter, not a match for me. My thighs don't regularly press on anything that I can think of. I've never had steroid injections, although several years ago I was on Depo provera for about 18 months. I'm 26, have never had children, am about 5 kilos over weight, but not fat.

I woke up one morning and found the dent there, I thought maybe it was a pressure dent as well, and that it would pop out, but it hasn't. It'll look strange in a bikini, but I'd rather go swimming than hide it.

The only thing I can think of is that I went out for a long slow ride on my horse which I hadn't done for a long time about 2 days prior to appearance of said 'dent'.

My theory is that it's damaged fat cells, although I don't know what from. I'd be interested to know if there is anyone with medical training on here that can advise about fat cell distribution in thighs? Perhaps there's a common 'band' of cells that people are experiencing degenerating? Maybe these cells have a pre-programmed cell death signal in some of us (like the webbing between your fingers you have when you're a foetus that disappears before birth)?

If I do go to the Dr about this, I'll be printing out some of these threads to take along. Someone needs to do a study on this!
my bruised dent showed up a few months ago and i'm so relieved to find this board! i have been so worried that it was some muscle wasting disease. i am healthy and have no other issues to didn't want to start now! i'm 2 busy! thanks all!
[QUOTE=LeeUK;4165657]possible reason for indentations?

I have just noticed over the last week, that I have identical indentations on both outer thighs and like other on here was perturbed. However, by chance I was sat in a dinning chair working on a laptop at the dinning table when I noticed them (wearing shorts) and it struck me that the indents where right at the point that the arms of the dinning chair met my thighs.

I have restless leg syndrome on occasion and as such have attributed the indents to an instinctive reaction to restless leg in that I subconsciously press my thighs outwards into the chair to stop my leg twitching.

And with my working from home a lot more than usual the amount of time I have spent in a dinning chair as opposed to a proper office/desk chair has been higher.

I will certainly report back in a month from now to see if the indents have improved as I do cycle and run. I am a male, early 30's, active and with no history of injury to the affected area or previous medical conditions/treatments that many others (e.g. steroid injections).

There was an almost eureka moment when i noticed the chair arms in line with the indents so just hope it can be reversed. Good luck all[/QUOTE]

Following on from my earlier post, its only been 10 days since I made a conscious effort to not press my thighs (whilst seated) out and pressing against the vertical arms under the main arm rest and I'm happy to report that although they havent completely gone, the indentation has reduced by some 60-70%.

The skin over the indentation no longer has a strange texture and the colour has returned.

As I mentioned, I havent had any underlying health issues or steroid injections that may alter the fat deposits on the thighs as others mention, but I guess my observation would be to make yourself aware of the issue and how external factors may worsen the indentation?

Some people have reported just leaning against the bathroom sink unit was a cause so (not that im a doctor) it maybe that if the muscles are weak/weaker than normal they may be more prone to the indentation if through leaning/sitting/poor posture, extra pressure is put upon the muscle?
I have had this similar thing. About 10 years ago or so, (I am 49) I had this in my right thigh. It did not hurt, etc. I found the more I exercised, the more defined it became. My doctor, at the time, did not feel it was an issue as I had no pain or bruising. She felt it was perhaps an old injury in the muscle or genetic(hmmmmm). Later, I actually pulled the muscles in my upper thighs (I was playing indoor soccer and after a rest, jumped up to run and pulled my muscles-it was cold in the dome-February.) Since this time, I cut back on my activity-I might add here that I was very active athletically-and I can still feel the "indent" but it is not as bad.
For about the last year, I resumed daily walking on the treadmill and I have now noticed the same thing on my left thigh. This time however, it is becoming sore and feels like it is "burning". My doctor feels it is probably a tear or injury to the muscle.
I am starting to believe that it may be genetic in terms of how our muscle is formed and it seems that a lot of the people on this forum are quite active in terms of exercise. I didn't originally notice it the first time until I was doing muscle training. I am very interested in learning more....
Hi everyone.
Just wanted to see if anyone is still posting on here?
I have the exact same thing too.. I've had my dent for around over a month now :dizzy:
I moved in october so Ive had to have my computor in my room, and I bought a new chair, wich I used to lean on LOADS!! for ages!! hours and hours lol. So Im guessing that's the cause? anyway, I went to my doctors, she just said its probably the muscle and it can take months to go back to normal :mad:
but hey ho, Im kind of glad! im a total hypocondriac all sorts was running through my mind!
but also, around march/april I'd been going to the gym alot, really pushing myself on the bike so I'm thinking maybe I really made my leg kind of vunerable for something like this to happen maybe? anyway, get back to me! I want to hear from more of you fellow dented people..

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