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I have been on the MS boards.Number one a full brain MRI,with and with out contrast takes roughly 45 minutes.Not all leaions show up on a mri.Theres MRI's of the neck thoracic and even the lumbar.Lumbar lesions are unusual but cases have been known.Theres the evoked potentals that can detect lesions not detected on MRI's.Lumbar puncture to rule out other diseases.EMG/NCS to out rule muscular diseases and the NCS to check nerve conductions.Theres series of blood test to check muscular diseases along with other diseases.
Before my diagnoses of MS I went to a neuromuscular specialist at the Cleveland clinic to rule out any and all forms of muscle diseases.This DR diagnosed me with benign cramp fasciculation or something like that.My GP said no way and sent me to a new Neuro who repeated the MRI's ,EMG reveiwed the LP and I took him all my medical records from every DR I have seen and he diagnosed me with MS.
Michelle,theres no specific test for MS,everything else must be ruled out first.Get stern with your GP and let him know every symptom past and present reguardless of how long they have lasted.If it takes multiple visits with your GP to get the point across.
You definatly have alot of symptoms that match MS,really stress for the LP,in 15-25 persent of MS patients this test is negative but it will rule out other disorders.My last LP the idiot Neuro took him an hour and he hit something and I couldn't walk for 2 weeks,in the past I,ve had them done under floriscopic x-ray do to scar tissue from previous lumbar surgeries.
Be your own advocate and insist on multiple test,I had to.I seen 11 Drs in one year and I have put together a fantastic team that correlate with one another.I see a neurologist,neurosurgeon,electromuscular,neuromuscular and my GP.It took 2 years of persistance.I don't take any of the crabs for ms,theres very little info on progresive MS,mine is progressing slowly with symptoms that don't completly go away.I watch what I eat,I take a few suppliments and meds for muscle spasms and for the pain.This just irritates my neuro to no end.
Hang in there


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