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I have a million things wrong with me that can't be diagnosed. The one that bothers me the most is the Burning, numbness that I have just under my left chest muscle. It runs about 2 to 3 inches. This goes with the pain I have in my left buttock that travels down my left leg and into my back. I have already been diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy, Reflex Sympathectic Dystropy, Carpal Tunnel, Ulna Neuropathy, Essential Tremors but without cause.

These include all upper extremities, both wrists, both elbows and both lower extremities.

Whats weird is that I get HOT chills up my back, When i jump into the pool, it feels as if an COLD ice pick jabbed me into my spine. I had 13 operations and my hands still go numb, my elbows still lock up. I still get charley horses. ALL areas of my body goes numb with little pressure and is very painful when sensation comes back. This return to normal, comes in steps. Little comes back, area feels springy, tingling, then goes numb again, then it tries again, and again, until I gain full sensation again. It hurts really bad. I wake up with my forhead numb, parts of my left cheek, my lips goes numb alot. it cause me great pain for my wife to swipe her hand down my back. I loose control over my bowels, I suffer from sleep apnea, I hate angina for a week only. What ever it is, it's effecting my whole peripheral Nervous System. PLEASE, if anybody knows..Contact me @

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