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I noticed a dent in my R outer thigh about 2yrs. ago and showed it to numerous people (including drs.) and nobody knew what it was. One doctor said it could have been from a previous injury, but I never had any. I'm not overweight at all. It did seem to appear when I was doing some heavy workouts and I thought I injured a muscle but never had any pain. I never had any steroid shots. I have no clue and I'm still curious.
I too have had this, it is muscle atrophy...don't know why I am a semi-healthy 35 year old one can explain it other than to has gotton better over time, but mine was different because there was pain and numbness along with it...
Don't worry and have them send you to a neuro to do a eeg...

My Neurologist called it muscle atrophy, as the person who replied previously, she is right. Over 1 1/2 years ago I saw the Neuro for it. I have some herniated discs, etc. But the main problem with me is Sarcoidosis. It is an inflammations of body tissue/organs. Look it up on the internet. It can hit any organ, or multimples of organs at one time. It has hit me with arthritis. My sacroiliac joint has sclerosis - or the sarc has settle there with granulomas. I can hardly walk due to muscle spasms.
I woke up last week with about a 5 inch indentation in my right thigh. No pain or discomfort just this funny dent.

After speaking to a number of friends I saw my doctor who said it was fat atrophy. (I am not fat!) He said he could feel the muscle underneath and there was nothing to worry about. He did say he had never come across anything like it but was sure it was nothing to worry about. He also said that fat atrophy commonly happened after a steroid injection. I haven't had any injections at all, never mind steroids, so there is no logical explanation for my dent. He had no idea if it would go away or not.

So I'm just going to watch it and see if it changes at all.
I too have had a "dent" in my right leg for about 2 months. It's not painful but went to my doctor anyway, just to be reassured. She was really good and said she wasn't sure what it was but may be a lump of fatty tissue under the muscle. This then pushes up the leg, causing a dent like appearance. She sent me for an ultrasound scan which I'm having tomorrow, so will keep you posted.
I too have an indentation in my right thigh. I noticed it about a month ago. The only thing I can relate it too is my depo injections. Wondering if anyone else can relate to this. My "dent" is not reddened or painful. I think it may be fat atrophy and not muscle related because I am not having any weakness or pain.
Does anyone have any answers on this?

My wife has been to the doctors today, she has indentations on both thighs. The doctor has referred her to a neurologist and she is panicking big time, even convinced herself she has a muscle wasting disease and will end up in a wheelchair!!!

The indentations are just as described above - "as if a piece of invisible rope was tied around her legs."

Any information would be greatly appreciated

It sounds as if I have the same thing. I noticed a dent in the top of my right leg yesterday whilst I was in a changing room. I also have a fainter one one my left leg in roughly the same place.

I have no pain or discomfort but and quite concerned. If anyone's has gone away can you tell me how long it took / did you do anything to help it go?

All I can say is that it feels like it might be muscular - almost as if the muscle has slipped down. I have not done anything out of the ordinary. I am in good health and not overweight. I go to the gym once or twice a week but mainly run.

I'd be grateful if anyone could come up with an explanation, or give any updates to their 'dents'.

My wife went to see the neurologist yesterday, he said it is some sort of muscle wasting and has booked her in for a "electrode test".
My friend had this same problem recently. The doctor told her that it is "fat atrophy", a wasting away of the fat caused by a steroid injection at the site. He told her that it would not get any worse. I found a couple of places on the internet that stated it was caused when the steroid shot was inappropriately injected into the fatty tissue instead of the muscle.
Hi Everyone,
It is muscle atrophy for sure for me. I said earlier I have severe osteoarthritis of the spine with spondylosis and bone spurs. All my muscles are deteriorating and I have severe muscle spasms that do NOT go away with meds. I am in a wheelchair now as my muscles will not hold my weight up any longer. This has gone FAST for me.
I just found this thread through google. Two days ago my girlfriend noticed exactly the same indentation on her upper right thigh. I was shocked to see so many people had the same symptom. She is healthy, even athletic. She uses our elliptical machine 3 or 4 times a week for twenty minutes or so and sometimes participates in a kickboxing class. She has received no prior injuries in the location. She feels no pain whatsoever. Not even discomfort. So far as I can tell there is no damage to the underlying muscle, nor any loss of muscle function. I therefore feel pretty confident in saying that the indentation is the result of fat loss rather than muscle. I've done a pretty thorough search of sites about lipoatrophy. She does not use any form of steroid, hormone, anti-retroviral or insulin (neither injected nor oral). Furthermore, the indentation is not as localized and defined as photos of injection-related lipatrophy suggest. The transition into the indentation is smooth.
All this is by way of introducing a working hypothesis I have about the origin of the indentation and a name for the phenomenon: I call it a "vanity indentation" or a "vanident" for short. Hear me out. One of the things I've noticed from the thread is that most, if not all, of the entries are from women. In addition, all the indentations are on the upper thigh, the majority on the right side. Several entries noticed that the indentation appears to be in the form of a line or an inivisible rope. My girlfriend moved into my house about two months ago and has since monopolized my bathroom. She spends about 45 minutes in the morning and 45 minutes at night at the sink, in front of the mirror, tweezing, complaining about blemishes, blow drying, applying makeup, and putting in contacts. The problem is that the mirror is set three feet in from where she stands, so that in order to get her face close to it she has to lean, repeatedly and for long periods, against the protruding countertop. The whole time she is shifting to get better views and the countertop is jamming into the same zone, or band, on her upper, outer thigh. She is right handed, so she leans forward on her right thigh in order to bring her right hand in front of her face so that she can manipulate whatever tool she is currently using. I don't know as much about physiology as I would like, but my theory is that for 90 or so hours over the last two months she has smashed what is essentially a narrow, 10 to 15 pound weight against the identical spot on her thigh. This behavior has slowly broken down the structure of the fat in that precise area. It may sound crazy, but we checked the location of the fat loss to the spot where the countertop meets her thigh and the correspondence was uncanny. It looked like the indentation was a little countertop mitten. She's been terrified for the last couple of days and when we saw the fit we fell down laughing. Maybe someone can check my theory if they have a greater understanding of the way fat breaks down. Furthermore, it may be that others are engaging in another sort of repetitive activity that is breaking down the fat's structure (I certainly don't mean to reinforce gender stereotypes--my girlfriend just happens to fit the face and hair care stereotype fairly well). Nonetheless, anyone experiencing this might want to check the fit between their bathroom countertop and their indentation- they just might have a "vanident."
I too have an indentation in outer left thigh (none of my bench tops match). I walk everywhere and am reasonable fit & healthy. I too had anticoagulant injections 2 years ago with pregnancy but in my abdomen as I had a pulmonary embolism 4 years ago. I am again pregnant (2.5 months)and strangly it appeared within weeks of conception and I also had restless legs at that time. I also have Lupus, Reyanuds, fibromylagia etc. There is no colour change but do have red itchy dots on dent and am numb in centre. When the dr checked reflexes none were apparrent in that leg - he seems to think it is muscle. I am having u/s tomorrow and am a little anxious mainly due to being pregnant. But after reading postings have hope its nothing serious. Will let you know. Please keep posts coming!! :wave:
Hi guys. Well it's been about a month and a half sicne I noticed these horizontal lines on my thighs. I measured it along the desk counter at work---whcih I constantly lan on and it fits perfectly! I guess there is a high possibility I got it from that. I am very fit--exercise at least 5 times a week-- so maybe fit people (most of you here mentioned you are) are more prone to this type of thing... maybe it has soemthignt o do with the muscle being worked out and then if you constantly lean on soemthgin it breaks up or something. Anyhow, I have not foudn any answers as to whether it will go away or not.
Also, I have stopped exercisign about 3 weeks ago but it hasn't gotten any better. Do you guys still exercise? Does it seem to aggravate it more?
I want to resume exercising but am afrad it will make the problem worse...
Hey Evelina,

Its some phenomenon ain't it. I personally don't do much extra physical activity as I don't drive and have walked for much of my life (at least 2km/day-sometimes up to 6km). Actually my specialist thinks this is the reason I cope with my diseases (constant ciculation). I have also noticed most of us are fit and probably slim to average with not much extra fat tissue. As my dent does involve my muscle and the fat tissue above it and getting info from all the other postings it seems that it must be something that does effect physical people but may not be just a fat tissue dent. I'd say to anyone visiting this board get it checked out anyway just to be on the safe side. Its quite odd the amount of people that have this and to my understanding not one dr has said "oh I know what this is." Have you noticed the amount of hits this topic has had. See the dr 'morrow - let ya know. Good luck!! :dizzy:

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