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[QUOTE=ladybud;5027601]One other thought is to ask for a CPK blood test, which is a muscle enzyme that can be extremely high in cases of myositis, an inflammatory condition in muscles, associated with autoimmune diseases like lupus, polymyositis. Guillian Barre could explain muscle weakness from nerve damage, but not enlarged lymph nodes, so there must be something more going on. Did you have a bad virus or an immunization shortly before this all started? Guillian Barre usually follows a virus and sometimes a viral vaccination. It is also worth repeating the ACH antibody and lupus test, as these can change, and two results are better than one.[/QUOTE]

Thank you so, so much for all of your continued advice. My parents finally took me to a neuromuscular specialist and I am having a lumbar puncture and a muscle biopsy done on Tuesday which should hopefully help in reaching a diagnosis, and the next time I see the specialist I will definitely ask about the blood tests. And I did had a virus before this all started - but it was just a bad cold with a mild temperature so I'm not really sure whether it's related or not.

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