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... all over my body. It might be Benign Fasciculitis Syndrome. I've been told to meditate twice per day for 30 minutes each. This is helping a lot. I believe my twitching is due to physical or mental stress. My body requires 9 hours of sleep per night to not twitch. ... (1 replies)
... I am with Lipham, I have the same exact problem. I am sked for neck surgery. The muscle twitching started with my legs and progress through my arms and back.. I am not taking any of the medication mentioned earlier in the postings. ... (4 replies)
... While I do not suffer from what those on this thread suffer from, about 12 years ago I had an unrestful-like feeling in my right arm/shoulder. Even while completely reposed (in a relaxed state) it would feel tense. It was not as serious as the stories on here, though it did drive me crazy. It was like this for a period of some days, maybe even weeks--I do not remember. I lived... (4 replies)

... given the added bonus of extreme fatigue, almost to the point of not being able to get out of bed some days. Muscular fatigue, it seems a task almost to lift my arm at times, and small tiny twitches primarily in my left arm and leg, which i get all day. ... (4 replies)
... r years and years and years. However just this last 6 months, now my arms, back and neck, and even my tongue are jecking away day and night. So funny to see my arm jerk and hit the computer keyboard. ... (57 replies)
... Hi, I have been experiencing muscle twitching sine 13th January 2010 after the vaccination of normal flu shot and h1n1 vaccine, also i get burning/cold sensation and tingling. and today i am experiance shoulders discomfort especially my left side inc my hand but no weeknes. could this be stress, BFS, anxiety or begining of ALS?? (57 replies)
... Hi I have been experiancing muscle twitching all over my body escpecially in my legs this has started 3 days after i was vaccinated with the H1N1 vaccine. ... (57 replies)
... I have similar symptoms - twitching, joint pain, urinary issues (frequency, urgency, weak stream...), chest pain, skipped beats, trouble breathing at times...and have seen every doctor possible from urologists, infectious disease (ID), nuerologist, cardio, pulmanary, ENT, rhuemotologist...CAT Scans, MRI's, xrays...etc. many of the doctors see the issues - but cannot make a... (57 replies)
... hi, sounds like restless leg/limb syndrome, look it up and see if it helps you x (57 replies)
... This sounds very familiar. Around a year or two ago I was shaking, jerking, and twitching. I went to the doctor's to sort it out, and they checked me for thyroid problems, deficiencies, etc. I don't remember what their conclusion was, but they put me on Deralin, which is a beta blocker, and lowers your blood pressure and makes you less prone to headaches. After a month or two... (57 replies)
... rapid internal tremor/ twitching/ buzzing/ electricity/ rumbling Like most of you, I too have had internal tremor (which is at a very rapid pace), buzzing, rumbling feeling/ sometimes feels like electricy, like I am plugged into an electrical socket. I feel this every single second of the day, for years. I noticed that a couple of you mentioned you got this after an epidural.... (57 replies)
... Hi, I sent out a thread a few months ago and have been interested in seeing all your responses. I too have an autoimmune disorder that flares up and it is most often evident in my eyes; I get a condition called IRITIS which is related to some autoimmune types of arthritis in people with HLAB-27 gene (which I have). For the past 13 years I have been going to doctors, hoping to... (57 replies)
... Hi everyone. I'm new. This is my first post and the reason I am here. Found this thread in a search. I too have this. Started out as the lighter twitching but over the years as progressed to large jerking. ... (57 replies)
... I had an MRI a few years ago to rule out MS, that was normal. Seen the neurologist a month or so ago about the twitching and he diagnosed it as BFS, benign fasciculation syndrome. Now the jerking has started so I'm off to see my family Doc today. ... (57 replies)
... Hi! You sound really upset and anxious now, and I can understand because I have had a lot of similar symptoms. Would you share what muscle or spinal testing you have had? Also, check the anti-anxiety meds because some of the side effects could be causing your symptoms. In addition, are you drinking adequate water, breathing properly, and getting proper sleep/exercise/diet?... (57 replies)
... i have started w little back spasms and know they are all over, i am scared. i have had other major issues and no dr has came up w anything.. i am going to have a nerves break down soon if i do not figure it our, first in back now in leg, foot, hands and i dont know what to do if some one know what to do please help (57 replies)
... i have the same thing big time it goes from the shoulder either left or right then in the legs never in 2 areas at once its skips from one area to the other it is a violent quick jerk then its over for a second or more it lasts some times for a few minutes to a few days so this is my advice first when the jerking starts get up and walk around do not lay down it only... (57 replies)
... I have the leg/arm jerking at nighttime also. Everyday I wake up unrefreshed, fuzzy in the head and severly fatigued. I had a sleep study done ad I was diagnosed with PLMD. I was put on Mirapex and it does help a little but not enough. My Neurologist said there isnothin more he can do for me and referred me to a shrink. I am already seeing one, and have been for 3 years. I am... (57 replies)
... (57 replies)
... Over the years I've had the twitching and cramping come and go. Seems like the twitching has gradually replaced the cramping. I've also had periods when it calmed down and did very little. ... (57 replies)

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