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... Hi. I first came on the neuromuscular forum after developing severe muscle twitching all over my body which started in Feb 1999. I was a student aged 24. I'm now 41. ... (2 replies)
... Hello! I am 22 yr old female. I have an MRI scheduled for Oct 5, but I was wondering if anyone might have any ideas as to what is going on. I believe these things might all be related: I have fasciculations all over my body, every day. My hands and toes sometimes shake. And whenever I stretch, sometimes my whole limb will shake. Also, my mother has MS. I don't know if that is... (0 replies)
... which I have read is not the case. Your body could still need more T3 than it is producing on its own for symptoms to subside. ... (8 replies)

... I have been hypothyroid all my life and when my levels got wacky, my muscles started twitching all over my body but especially in my calf muscles. ... (8 replies)
... Hello...For the past month I've been experiencing random muscle twitching throughout my entire body. It's on and off throughout the day, in all different areas of my body, no other symptoms. ... (8 replies)
... Hi, I'm a 34 year old male who has been experiencing some random muscle twitching. I can recall instances of this for quite a long time (years possibly), but only recently started reading about ALS and got even more nervous and anxious (I believe either I've gotten more aware of them, or they have increased as a result). I have a concussion history (3-4 in lifetime, the... (2 replies)
... There are homeopathic doctors dedicated to testing blood and removing the toxins from the body that come with the vaccine. This could help in reducing the symptoms. I tried posting links but realized thats not allowed. ... (3 replies)
... I've done some reading up on Essential Tremor but this often seems limited to the upper body whereas my symptoms seem to be pronounced in both the upper and lower. ... (1 replies)
... all over my body. It might be Benign Fasciculitis Syndrome. I've been told to meditate twice per day for 30 minutes each. This is helping a lot. I believe my twitching is due to physical or mental stress. My body requires 9 hours of sleep per night to not twitch. ... (1 replies)
... I am with Lipham, I have the same exact problem. I am sked for neck surgery. The muscle twitching started with my legs and progress through my arms and back.. I am not taking any of the medication mentioned earlier in the postings. ... (4 replies)
... Hi I have been experiancing muscle twitching all over my body escpecially in my legs this has started 3 days after i was vaccinated with the H1N1 vaccine. ... (57 replies)
... enough that one doctor said I used a nuculear bomb on my body and it would have taken care of any bacterial infection. I am just amazed that todays medicine doesn't have a way of detecting viruses... ... (57 replies)
... tried to discuss my neuro symptoms with my ocular immunologist, he suggested I see a neurologist. I think that there are so many types of problems that make the body do haywire things. ... (57 replies)
... I had an MRI a few years ago to rule out MS, that was normal. Seen the neurologist a month or so ago about the twitching and he diagnosed it as BFS, benign fasciculation syndrome. Now the jerking has started so I'm off to see my family Doc today. ... (57 replies)
... i have the same thing big time it goes from the shoulder either left or right then in the legs never in 2 areas at once its skips from one area to the other it is a violent quick jerk then its over for a second or more it lasts some times for a few minutes to a few days so this is my advice first when the jerking starts get up and walk around do not lay down it only... (57 replies)
... (57 replies)
... ll mention it to my neurologist. ... Incidentally, I found that if I avoid caffeine and chocolate, and then take extra magnesium at night, I can usually keep the twitching and jerking to a tolerable level, i.e. the jerk isn't quite so much as to wake my husband. ... (5 replies)
... scription of symptoms and it seems very similar to mine. Mine started 14 years ago and woke me up out of my sleep. It was the sensation of shaking deep inside my body that I could only really perceive when I was laying in bed. I also noticed a little twitch here and there but nothing major at the time. ... (57 replies)
... I'm having varying degrees of twitching. Some days, it's constant, other days, I only notice the muscle twitching at night or when trying to rest. ... (57 replies)
... I have not found out anything yet, but when I do, everyone here will be first to know. ;) (57 replies)

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