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... cold sensation running down leg (0 replies)
... Hello, I have had this strange cold senstion for a number of years now. I have a bad lower back and I belive it is related to a pinched nerve. ... (3 replies)

... Hi Joanna, I have a similar thing on my lower leg, have you found out anything about it? (3 replies)
... Hi! I have been experiencing a cold sensation in my right outer thigh up to my buttock on and off for more than a month now. ... (3 replies)
... cold sensation and tingling. and today i am experiance shoulders discomfort especially my left side inc my hand but no weeknes. ... (57 replies)
... cold running water sensation running down my leg (0 replies)
... Hi, I started to have the same syptoms on my left Thigh on Friday. I have just started searching and if I find any info I will post it here (3 replies)
... Hi all! :wave: I have these feelings as well, some times I feel like someone had sprinkled Ice cold water on my back, and some times I feel like warm water is running down my leg, I have been to the Doctor and had some test done, and they said I have peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage), but I also have a lot of other SX's, I also have a lot of pins and needles sensations... (35 replies)
... Localised" probably isn't the best term here, one time it felt like someone had brushed a cold wet 1.5" paintbrush across my temple and ear, but besides that they have been like the size of tiny raindrops hitting me. ... (35 replies)
... This just started happening to me a few weeks ago. It is always on the right outter top of leg and up into the buttocks. I do have several spinal problems and I have figured it was related. I have herniation at l34, failed fusion l4-5, spony, sciatica and OA. I wish I could help you more, but I will keep reading in hopes to learn something myself. If I learn anything,... (3 replies)
Cold/raw mouth
Sep 29, 2004
... (3 replies)
Cold/raw mouth
Aug 27, 2004
... raw sensation on my upper palate. ... (3 replies)
... rt is extremely embarrassing for me, but it's a crucial detail, so I can't leave it out. I was masturbating that night, and just as I finished, I had the sudden sensation that someone had grabbed the muscle between my scrotum and anus, and my rectum, and twisted them with a pair of vise grips. ... (3 replies)
... Has anybody been dx with total body nerve pain,difficulty controling my jaw and tonge , I feel like I'm in haling food and water upper ab below ribs sunken in severe head presure, skin feels tight eye go out of focus hissing in ears , very difficulty controling body movements sounds are iratating getting loader and quiter, body has a heavy and falling sensation. Muscles in... (4 replies)
... I just began experiencing the sensation of a cold drop of water running down the upper thigh of my left leg last week. ... (2 replies)
... not really a neuromuscular issue but neuro in nature.just what type of injuries have you actually had in the leg and where were they and just where is that sensation at in comparrison? ... (2 replies)
... ere the leg will "jump". I can not control it, until it settles down. Feels like the leg is "frozen" at times, and weak, very weak. I have good days, and bad. If cold water is put on the leg, it will jump !!! No sensation on the skin when touched, feels very annoying. I had a Lumbar Laminectomy in 2003. ... (2 replies)
... kyphosis,and more. the thing is that i have been having strange pains like my insides are being pulled in or my ribs,back and hip go cold or burning sensation. ... (0 replies)
... Whats weird is that I get HOT chills up my back, When i jump into the pool, it feels as if an COLD ice pick jabbed me into my spine. I had 13 operations and my hands still go numb, my elbows still lock up. I still get charley horses. ... (0 replies)

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