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... Okay - I survived it!! It wasn't bad except the Dr. who performed it was quite mean and callous which made me uncomfortable. He made rude jokes which was worse than the whole needle/jolt thing. When I told him I was separated from my husband for 4 years he retorted sarcastically, "So how long were you married - 3 years??" What a jerk and to be in my undies, feeling vulnerable... (10 replies)
EMG/NCV questions
Nov 29, 2004
... tolerable. You probably won't feel the needle being inserted because it is very thin. I hardly felt them and I was stuck 12 times. The uncomfortable part of the EMG comes when you have to contract the muscle because the needle is still stuck in that muscle. For me, the calf was the one that ached the most. ... (10 replies)
EMG/NCV questions
Nov 23, 2004
... Not bad at all - (10 replies)

EMG/NCV questions
Nov 17, 2004
... Hellooooo all! NCV/EMG scheduled in a little over a week... so how bad is this gonna hurt?? (10 replies)
EMG/NCV questions
Nov 25, 2004
... I'll second what Marcia says - (10 replies)
EMG/NCV questions
Nov 24, 2004
... For an EMG, a needle electrode is inserted through the skin into the muscle. The electrical activity detected by this electrode is displayed on an oscilloscope, and may be heard through a speaker. After placement of the electrodes, you may be asked to contract the muscle (for example, by bending your arm). The presence, size, and shape of the wave form -- the action... (10 replies)
EMG/NCV questions
Nov 24, 2004
... Don't quote me but I think it is a nerve conduction study measuring the velocity that nerve impulses travel through the nerves. (10 replies)
EMG/NCV questions
Nov 24, 2004
... I have had several EMGs in the past but what exactly IS a NCV?Thanks,Marcia (10 replies)
EMG/NCV questions
Nov 24, 2004
... how is the EMG done, what shoul i expect? ... (10 replies)
... In EMG test, doctor did small neuro exam and asked me to walk heel to toe. ... (1 replies)
... I've had this crazy sensation since December 02. I got really scared because of typing "twitch" on the net and it read people with twitching sometimes have ALS. I was terrified. I went to a neurologist and had an emg/ncv. Emg-test of the muscles, ncv-test of the nerves. Everything came out fine. I've learned ALS is very rare, and lots of conditions can cause... (5 replies)
... UPDATE Well... I actually got the 2nd Neurologist's report earlier today. I had an EMG, VNG, and EEG all done at the doctor's office. His typed up reply to my doctor is: "(24) M w/ EMG-NCV proven peripheral neuropathy" (5 replies)
Oct 10, 2007
... section. i developed these symptoms one day after which was aug20.07 the emg was slightly abnormal but the ncv was fine. I deff think all my symptoms were caused by the spinal anesthesia. The tingling is allllll over! I think its gotten better. ... (12 replies)
Leg sensations
Jul 3, 2003
... Hi~ I think I read your post on another board with this same question. I thought about responding, but was hesitant. I read you were worried about having ALS. I've had my own personal scare myself so I know how you feel. I don't experience weakness but I have the twitching. I scared myself so bad reading about twitching and ALS on the interent..SCARY!! It took 2 months... (3 replies)
... Freddie123, Thank you so much for responding quickly to my post and then I never got back to you. Very sorry, just wrapped up medical testing and everyday life. Been the course, so to speak. 3 MRI's, EMG, NCV, lab work and now Lumbar Puncture and Evoked Potential for audio, visual and sensory. My MRI rad reports didn't look too remarkable except for white matter... (2 replies)
Pain in both legs
Oct 15, 2008
... Have they said what it is caused by? Did they run vascular tests? EMG/NCV? Are you seeing a neurologist? As with anyone else, some are better than others. I was misdiagnosed by my first one and so none of the treatments worked. He also was unwilling to try much. I called my insurance company and they agreed that a second opinion was in order. This time I did the... (2 replies)
... Oldaugie....It could be many things as only an neurologist can determine this thru proper testing i.e. EMG/NCV electrical test also MRI's of the Brain and Spine and possibly a Lumbar Puncture along with his/her gutty instincts on this so best to see the Neuro on this one...... (3 replies)
... I've been twitching for 4 years now. I was 37 when I began having symptoms. It began with isolated twitches in my left hand, upper arm and chest, and spread throughout my body within a month. I have constant twitches in my feet and calves. Additionally, I have cramping in my feet and calves. My recent EMG/NCV showed slowing of motor nerves in my legs and fibrillations in my... (6 replies)
... You likely have what is called benign fasciculation syndrome, which is a form of peripheral nerve hyperexcitability. Although the cause is not specifically known, many patients exhibit elevate antibodies, suggesting an autoimmune origin. I have had similar symptoms for 4 years. They tend to wax and wane, flaring up under times of stress (either physical or emotional). Muscle... (6 replies)
EMG/NCV questions
Nov 27, 2004
... Thanx all, I hope you do well Peanut !!, I will let you know how I do,& I hope you have a pain free experiance (as pain free as it can be), & whatever they are looking for,your questions are ansewred. Peavce & pain free days,Kisa :) (10 replies)

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