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... is an open bite now where only my back molars touch when I bite down and still there are gaps between top and bottom molar. And also, what can I do regarding the muscle atrophy? ... (0 replies)
... As I do these ugly faces and tensing of the front neck muscles I notice that the muscle doesn't move on that same side of the neck all the way down to my collarbone. ... (1 replies)
... Hi Payne, I really do not mean to scare you and so I hope this information doesn't, but it sounds like you have exactly what I have and it's called Blepharospasm (pronounced "BLEFF-aruh-spasm") and Oromandibular Dystonia, and those are both types of Dystonia. The word blepharospasm refers to the eye and the word oromandibular refers to the mouth and jaw. In November... (19 replies)

... Hi Payne, I'm glad to hear ur pain is better. In the begining the pain from RSD was extremely pain. In the past few yrs it's gotten much better so now I just have a bad here and there. ... (19 replies)
... That certainly does sound painful, Rayefaye. I'm sorry that happened to you. My facial pain is better--but I just wish my nerve would get totally back to normal.....Maybe that's unrealistic, though. Take care! (19 replies)
... last week on wednesday we went to the orofacial pain clinic at UCSF my mom and dad gathered EVERYTHING all her imaging and all the charts from all her doctors... and i guess that's our starting over point... ... (19 replies)
... till suspecting I might have some sort of "progressive disease." I had one last December and nothing showed up. Yes, something does seem to be wrong with my left facial nerve, but I think my nervous system might have a more compicated problem. ... (19 replies)
... just some pain now and then and occasional blurriness. ... (19 replies)
... with some pain and blurriness. ... (19 replies)
... Thanks everybody for your suggestions! I hope your sister can get help from the facial clinic people. Poor thing! ... (19 replies)
... It could be what they call Dystonia. I suffer from what's called Cervical Dystonia which is severe and uncontrollable muscle spasms of the neck. There is also a form of Dystonia which effects the face and other parts of your body. ... (19 replies)
... My little sister who is 12 is told she has muscle spasms that cause the ache. ... (19 replies)
... starting with a "lazy" eye, mouth twitching, and now leading into muscle weakness and spasms with pain, all on the left side of my face. I am having trouble with chewing, too. I have been to many doctors. ... (19 replies)
... I have recently updated my lengthy symptoms on the MS forum. Your welcome to check it out. I'm having a lot of MS symptoms as it runs in my family. My main problem is the muscle twitching & jerking, sharp shooting pain (back of neck), facial pain at times including optical nerve pain, tingling/vibration feeling in different parts of body & only lasting a few seconds, pins &... (57 replies)
... someone please help, i have had severe muscle spasms in my neck since april, been to a neurosurgeon, neurologist(didnt do crap) and physical therapy my mri and mylegram show some bulginging in several discs but dx say its nothing that should be causing so much pain and spasms, other symptoms include weakness in arms and wrists, facial muscle weakness, pain in joints, elbows,... (1 replies)
... Hi all of you out there who are CPEO sufferers!! It was nice to read all of the stories each of you have - quite reassuring really as mine is similar. I was fifteen when I sat watching TV with one eye open and it all started. Three eyelid lift operations later (2x Left and 1x right) and a muscle biopsy (from the thigh) later I was eventually given the diagnosis of CPEO... (96 replies)
... I have had nerve or muscle jumps in and around my face, and sometimes in the inner ear muscles, for several years now. ... (0 replies)
... Sometimes, my right sternocledomastoid muscle will go berserk and compulsively try to stretch itself out. I don't know how else to describe it. ... (0 replies)
... Hi Payne, sorry it has taken so long to answer u back. Reflex Sympithetic Dystrophy (RSD) is a condition caused by severe damaged to the nerves. Mine was caused by my nerves being severed in both arms in a car almost 30 yrs ago. It is a very painful condition. (19 replies)
... Yeah, five years is really a long time.....Do you really think the doctors have sort of given up on her? Is there any way she could start over with another doctor? (19 replies)

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