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... ys, labs, even a brain scan and could find nothing wrong with me. Thank goodnes I found out evry thing I did't have like MS, Lupus, etc. However I still had the jerking legs, pain, etc. One physician put me on Requip for restless legs but it made my symptoms worse and I stopped taking it. ... (13 replies)
... the lighter twitching but over the years as progressed to large jerking. I have an autoimmune disorder, which flarred after a viral infection last fall and the jerking got even more pronounced. I have other neoro symptoms too, just like alot of you. ... (57 replies)
... to rule out MS, that was normal. Seen the neurologist a month or so ago about the twitching and he diagnosed it as BFS, benign fasciculation syndrome. Now the jerking has started so I'm off to see my family Doc today. ... (57 replies)

... i have the same thing big time it goes from the shoulder either left or right then in the legs never in 2 areas at once its skips from one area to the other it is a violent quick jerk then its over for a second or more it lasts some times for a few minutes to a few days so this is my advice first when the jerking starts get up and walk around do not lay down it only... (57 replies)
... really perceive when I was laying in bed. I also noticed a little twitch here and there but nothing major at the time. I had a brain MRI and EEG which ruled out MS and Epiliepsy. ... (57 replies)
... telling me it's stress, which, I can't rule out, for life has been ridiculously stressful as of late. Plus, I'm a webMDer and I've already diagnosed myself with MS and that really doesn't help my hypochondriac self. It just stresses me out more, which if that's part of the root of these twitches, just messes me up. ... (57 replies)
... I have not found out anything yet, but when I do, everyone here will be first to know. ;) (57 replies)
... It's been awhile since I've visited this site. I'm reading all the last posts made since I was last here. I just got done reading yours & its interested that mentioned Chiari Malformation. My little sister was just diagnosed with Chiari Malformation type 1 last year. I'm sure I don't have it because I have already had an MRI and all is fine. However, I may has something... (57 replies)
... Angel of light, have you ever figured out what you have going on with your muscle twitches and shooting pains? I would love to know. I have had the same problem since last august. Here it is April of 2008. I am finally seeing a neurologist on May 7th. I am scared of course. Scared of the unknown. No one is my family has MS, Parkinsons or anything like that. Neithor did they... (57 replies)
... Angel, Definitely see a neurologist. Things like MS, ALS, Parkinsons, etc. do not have a specific test that tells you whether or not you have them. You should really see someone who specializes in diagnosing neurological disorders and get started on figuring out what is going on. My mom is very young but has just been diagnosed with Parkinson's. She has had muscle twitching,... (57 replies)
... As far as your other symptoms go, I have Arnold Chiari Malformation type 1, which can cause similar symptoms to MS and is often misdiagnosed as MS, it can be identified by having an MRI, although is often overlooked as it's not very well understood in the medical community. ... (57 replies)
... I have recently updated my lengthy symptoms on the MS forum. Your welcome to check it out. I'm having a lot of MS symptoms as it runs in my family. ... (57 replies)
... The neuro said he doesn't think I have MS even though I'm display some symptoms. ... (57 replies)
... causing my muscle to twitch, jerk and cause pain. I have every reason to get upset and worried about this. On my mothers side of the family there are many with MS including my own mother. I'm worried that this could be a possibility. I'm also worried because I'm only 24 and have two small children. ... (57 replies)
... You can take vitamins and it will help only, it wont hurt. However, I am taking vitamins and it doesnt help twitching. Just learn to live with it. Dont worry about it. I worried a lot when i got twitching and I developed anxiety ( I thought it could be something dangerous such as MS, Lyme, ALS,......). I did many tests (MRI,EMG, blood-vitamins) and everything was OK. To calm... (57 replies)
... Hello, lately I've been experiencing this as well. No MS or anything like that runs in my family. I'm getting twitches in my left calf. ... (57 replies)
... een paying more attention to them and have to say I experience hundreds a day. Sometimes when I am really busy it's hard to notice them at all. The twitching and jerking are not painful, but rather annoying. ... (57 replies)
Left arm jerking
Apr 18, 2005
... I do take Mirapex for Restless Leg Syndrome, and that seems to call the jerking down at nighttime, so I do get to sleep once that kicks in, though, thankfully! ... (0 replies)
... Yes you can have symptoms generated by your thyroid even when levels are within "normal" range. When I was having symptoms, my levels were within normal range but they were up near a 4 so my doctor wanted to bring me back down toward the 1-2 range to see if it helped. I had recently switched to a new doctor at that point because I was having a hard time convincing my two... (8 replies)
What is going on?!
Jul 26, 2007
... I usually post on the MS and Lupus boards, but I thought perhaps someone here could shed some light on my situation. ... (3 replies)

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