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... Hi, all peripheral nerves do have the ability to repair themselves once whatever has been assaulting them has ceased. ... (2 replies)
Vitamin B12
May 15, 2008
... I know other idiopathic PNer's that claim that their PN has improved over time in various degrees by taking B12 Methylcobalamin supplementation and others haven't been so lucky, so i really do think it's an individual thing. ... (2 replies)
... I am currently taking 2000 mg's of methyl b12 and a b100 mg complex everyday for nerve damage.. so far i only feel relief in my feet.I have yet to feel any releif in my upper extremeties!! ... (14 replies)

... I have been a long time lurker here on HealthBoards watching and reading hours on end to help my Father who suffers from neuropathy due to his diabetes. ... (0 replies)
... to me, because I do have a very similar experience. Besides the foot and leg neuropathy the one thing that bothered me the most was thinking I needed new glasses and even got tested by an ophthalmologist because the optometrist thought I might have cataracts. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, I am new and this is my first post ever. I am an active 55 year old male who has never taken any medications in life. I have led a life without much stress and anxiety ... until recently, that is! ... (1 replies)
... I was diagnosed with neuropathy in my feet by a podiatrist. He suggested low b12 and he was correct. I am old and was told you can't absorb thru digestive system so I started giving myself monthly injections. My b12 is now in proper range but neuropathy is still present. ... (4 replies)
... SFN but the relapsing type episodes does not. Usually by the time you recognize the symptoms of SFN it is too late to reverse because it is the fragile surface nerves that are affected. I was finally diagnosed after 2 years of bouncing from one doctor to another. ... (24 replies)
... Peripheral neuropathy is very painful, debilitating sometimes. It most likely has been caused by the diabetes, but other things can cause it too, like Vit B12 and folate deficiency, underactive thyroid, alcohol in excess, and connective tissue disease. ... (1 replies)
... Thank you Lady Bug, you are right about the records and thanks for that advice. I did have Lyme but he said it wasn't that. I'll just go ask for them. ... (11 replies)
... There are several things that should be checked to determine cause of neuropathy. Vit B12 and folate levels in the blood, thyroid hormone levels, sed rate, CRP, ANA and RA for connective tissue disease, blood sugar or HBA1C for diabetes. ... (11 replies)
... id 100 mg may calm down the small nerves plus GLA , which is found in evening primrose oil, this has helped a lot of diabetic neuropathy patients that I know of and other small nerve damaged neuropathy patients, it may take a few weeks to see any benefits. ... (7 replies)
... I hope this answers some of your questions. And if you are suffering the same, let me offer you my prayers. ... (7 replies)
... I ask this because with diabetes 2 the drug metformin is very commonly used, but it can deplete B12 levels over time which is a very important vitamin that is essential for nerve health. ... (7 replies)
... permanently. I developed my neuropathy 3 months after starting on the supplement and have had it ever since with no improvement. ... (3 replies)
... I had an injury to my low back two years ago from intense physical excercise. The first symptom was burning in the feet. Next came low back pain and burning in the buttocks. Eventually the burning pain has spread to the mid to upper back and now with burning in the hands. ... (2 replies)
... I have done extensive blood work many times at my family doctors clinic and all showed normal. ... (11 replies)
... your larger nerves that control your muscels, there could be mylon sheath and or axonal damage which have not been tested as yet, the emg only tests the muscels and that test can be screwed sometimes by differant reasons, so a repeat emg may be warranted in the future as well. ... (6 replies)
... Hi, watch out for the low sugars as they can damage the nerves as much as the high sugars can. ... (11 replies)
... The first 12 months of recovery was impossible to tell the difference between flaring of symptoms or recovering, after that the flaring got less severe and less often, that tapered off very very slowly over a number of years. ... (7 replies)

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