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... hi everyone, please excuse me right away im afraid today i just want a good old moan and i dont want to do it to my husband as he listens to me enough! Im still on the cymbalta but 30mgs didnt even touch my pain{nerve damage along appendicectomy scar}, so doctor increased it to 60mgs on wednesday. I know it is going to take time but my god the pain is driving me mad its... (0 replies)
... hi im new to this . I had my appendics removed some years ago and following some time later i was diagnoised with nerve damage. ... (0 replies)
... ontin, Methadone is what I use its good for neuropathic pain because it has NMDA atagonist properties and the other narcotics do not. Lidocaine patches, possibly nerve blocks, and Ketamine infusion for a few hours may provide relief, in the us how ever they will not do a ketamine coma you will need 20k and to go to europe. ... (17 replies)

... like any relief would benefit you . That was the case with me I couldn't stand it any longer so opted for the stim. I also take 175MG Lyrica 3 times a day and Cymbalta at bedtime and only 30MG's of Hydrocodone a day. My PM Dr. feels as if its enough for me. isn't close ! Any questions I gladly answer for you. ... (17 replies)
... Hello. I've been in excruciating pain and I'm getting nowhere. I was told over the summer by a Neurologist that she thought I had permanent nerve damage and she recommended a spinal cord stimulator to help me with this pain. ... (17 replies)
... with emphasis on nerve pain. ... (3 replies)
... You are surely on a lot of meds. Have any of them made a big difference in controlling your nerve pain, and have any not seemed to help much at all? ... (17 replies)
... surgery was great and brought a lot of relief for about one year. Then I felt like a pop in my arm almost as if something let go and I got the second one and the nerve was badly entrapped in scar tissue. The dr. was very reluctant to go into the arm a third time but afterwards was glad he did. ... (9 replies)
... I'm taking cymbalta for possible nerve damage which I may have surgery for in the next few weeks. ... (9 replies)
... in and spine,doppler which I am waiting for the results. I had an emg,xrays and bone scan. What I thought started as an injury to the inner ankle and foot may be nerve damage or tarsal tunnel. I have had 2 nerve block shots in my tts and have one more and may try surgery after that. I have been in bed for 2 months basically. ... (3 replies)
... the feeling in my right foot. And considering the right one feels compaired to the left foot I would say I have lost the same in the left foot too. I also have nerve damage in the left thigh that I've suffered with for 6 years. I can't stand or walk for longer than an hour and a half. ... (16 replies)
... reflexive. My EMG revealed "minor nerve damage" in my right foot. ... (0 replies)
... My neurologist prescribed Cymbalta which has really worked for the tingling and to blunt my anxiety over this! ... (0 replies)
... has side effect of losing a few pounds for some people but its an antidepressant like cymbalta not anti seizure like lyrica. ... (13 replies)
... Been on neuropathy meds for my legs as have nerve damage from crushing them, but that doesn't seem to help this pain. So far they either don't believe me or think chiropractor is the best thing. ... (48 replies)
... to control the burning and pain in my feet. I tried Lyrica for 5 months, maxing out the dosage, with very little change in the neuropathy pain. Now we are trying Cymbalta to see if that may help some, from what I've gathered neuropathy is a hard pain to control, unless it is caused by something you can control, like diabetes. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks for your responses, it means a lot! My original neurologist dismissed any type of permanent nerve damage as the EMG test was normal and i have no problem functioning in day to day life. ... (5 replies)
... Lisa, I don't think I have nerve damage, such as any loss of feeling or whatever, I know I don't have, but I don't understand why my nerves are acting so crazy with these sensations. ... (11 replies)
... I get nerve blocks done also, which are so scarey! needle injections in my neck, to calm the nerves in my arm and hand!!! and they hurt like you know what! ... (24 replies)
... sure the neuropathy started from nerve damage in my lower back. the pain began in my right foot and then after 2 epidurals for my bulging disc, it spread bodywide within weeks. ... (25 replies)

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