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... No proper statistic test results were given to me or anything. ... (9 replies)
... Help. My nuro is great but he knows I panic a lot and will never tell me what's wrong until all results are in , he treats me like a baby at times it's infuriating!! having a dx is much better than this waiting. ... (2 replies)
... Has anyone had an EMG test or a nerve conduction test where the doctor told you the results were normal despite not being able to feel anything? ... (9 replies)

... as far as i know the doctors are not planning any further testing as they deem the EMG and the nerve conduction test normal and nothing wrong with me or my nerve/endings. ::( (9 replies)
... Hi, just wondering if they intend to test for the small fibres nerves, this is usually done by a skin punch biopsy or quanitive sensory testing. I know when I had a nerve conduction test I felt nothing & the emg was only very minor discomfort, the neuro said I some large involvement but the quanitive sensory test showed my small fibre nerves were the worst out of the two. ... (9 replies)
... Well,to sum it up,dysautonomia litterally means,a dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system.did you try doing a simple google search on this?i did and came up with alot of info on it.i have a damaged sympathetic nervous system which is actually damage to the autonomic(sympathetic and parasympathetic)nervous system.i also developed what is called RSD because of it,What you... (2 replies)
... Doctor did not order emg testing, but did order a neck xray. Moved before I could schedule the xray, so have no idea what it would show, or how it would be related to pn. ... (6 replies)
... urgeons and neurologists I saw since that incident have not talked about the ulnar and median nerves that appear to be impacted even though I have given them the testing results. ... (0 replies)
... mmation,which would NOT show up on an MRI or with an can have all kinds of pain and other symoptoms going on that would not show anything upon an EMG.the EMG ONLY sees direct compression or actual damage since it measures actual nerve flow,there would be a slowing effect shown on EMG if these things were present. ... (4 replies)
HNPP Diagnosis
Jan 6, 2004
... No, never had arched feet. However, the DNA testing was positive for HNPP. I've been told by my EMG testing doc and the primary neuro doc that that isn't necessary to test positive for HNPP. ... (11 replies)
EMG results
Mar 2, 2012
... The EMG was very clear....the nerves were affected from the base of the nerve in my lumbar spine right down to my feet. ... (3 replies)
Dec 5, 2003
... Although EMGs maybe a bit uncomfortable, the results can more than make up for a bit of discomfort. I've had over 200 EMGs in my 58 yrs. on planet earth. ... (25 replies)
... I had both tests done yesterday.. despite all my pains, numbness, tingling, etc.. it showed no problems. I found out though that my mom (who has MS) also had nothing show up on her results, either.. so I think the issue is trying to have more (different) tests done. :dizzy: (14 replies)
EMG Results... ???
Nov 17, 2010
... others have small nerve damage and others have both, if you have any of the symptoms of small nerve damage they will do a skin punch biopsy or quanitive sensory testing if skin punch tech not available, it is available in the USA but not here in Australia. ... (1 replies)
Damage from EMG
Mar 6, 2008
... r, I have been passed around from specialist to specialist because of nerve and muscle issues similar to those of MS. One of the earlier specialists had done an EMG on my right arm and left leg, and everything was normal. On Friday, another specialist conducted an EMG on my left arm and right leg. ... (2 replies)
... i am just wondering exactly what specific testing was done per what you stated as "had all the tests"? ... (2 replies)
... Once he he sees the results of those testes, he will begin to give you meds he thinks will help. ... (5 replies)
Nerve zap test
Jul 23, 2008
... to be able to tell you. they do give "normal" and "abnormal" as readings tho. i have had many of these 'fun" tests done too. this is called an EMG and nerve conduction study. thats what you want to ask for. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Brainalley---I know what you mean about medications, since I also experienced unpleasant side effects. That’s why I eventually relied on Vitamin B6, which was helpful for me. EMG testing is a pretty standard protocol and can be done anywhere---I had mine done locally. Just make sure they test everything, especially those tests which point to problems at the knee and below.... (6 replies)
... low b12 which mainly affected my small fibre nerves and i did have some large nerve damage as well going by EMG testing.. ... (4 replies)

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