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... Wow Everyone Is So Different. I Had Very Cold Feet For Years. I Finally Told My Doctor And He Sent Me To A Nuerologist. They Did AN Emg On Both My Legs. I Was Told I Had Nerve Damage In Both Legs. ... (1 replies)
... Untill thye last few weeks have been able to tolerate pain and weakness in lower back and legs and feert. Lately feet have been extremely cold. Circulation according to tests is adquate. Just cant seem to get them warm, even going outside in crocs, going to dr. again tomorrow. ... (1 replies)
... The neurologist told me that I have polyneuropathy…prescribed 300mg of gabapentin twice a day. That’s it…didn’t explain what it meant and how it’s affecting me and what I could do and not do. I am going back and have a list of questions…maybe someone could give me some tips as to what to ask….I am in pain every day and off balance. It doesn’t feel like the medication is... (3 replies)

... burning sensations in feet, legs, hands, arms, and even in my back. My feet are the worst with alternating cold and hot with occasional sharp stabbing pains, a little bit of numbness, and just plain old soreness. Like Tyler and Cocoa I don't like shoes. ... (15 replies)
... Over the past three months I started getting neuropathy that either came on with a viral illness or from flagyl. It gets extremely painful, especially in my feet and arms. ... (0 replies)
... trainers makes my problem accelerate. I can only walk for around 40 minutes without being in pain that seems to circulate into my feet and back area. ... (21 replies)
... I don't know the total answer but I do know that it started with cold feet, moved up to my shins, then to my hands, forearms , and now my upper arms. ... (10 replies)
... Here's a brief summary I posted in August. I thought I'd repost it, maybe it could help someone find some answers. I know what it feels like to get no answers. I thought I'd post a brief summary of my experiences trying to diagnosis what we THOUGHT!! was a neurological disorder. I'm a 28 year old white male and I've spent the last 3 plus years trying to figureout what... (9 replies)
Oct 7, 2017
... periphery neuropathy. Sometimes it's more important to rule things out and this is concrete prove if you have PN or not. One of my major symptoms was pain from feet to top of legs and arms down to hands. ... (4 replies)
... One problem he developed a few years ago was his balance. I know neuropathy in your feet causes a balance problem. What concerns me is it has gotten serious and things he could do one year ago, he no longer can. ... (2 replies)
... gh doses of narcotics. The neuropathy got better over time and I stopped all medicines but several months ago it is like it has all come back in full force. My feet feel cold but are not cold to the touch and it feels as though someone has beat the bottom of my feet with a baseball bat. ... (2 replies)
... athic pain resulting from a cervical spinal cord injury. I have so far avoided any prescribed medications, because I didn't want the side effects, but I have an extremely high tolerance for pain. I do take some supplements which have helped me, including Alpha Lipoic Acid and B vitamins, which seem to help the nerves repair. ... (2 replies)
... My symptoms are a constant burning, buzzing sensations in my feet that have slowly progressed up my thighs. I have electrical shooting pains that come out of nowhere and take my breath away. ... (3 replies)
... I am extremely impressed with the time spent with the doctor, His is very thorough, kind, gentle and compassionate. ... (3 replies)
... I have severe back pain that never goes away. Over the years it has gotten progressively worse. It has reached a point where I am extremely reluctant to do anything athletic because of my pain. ... (19 replies)
... Glad to hear your little boy has a clear EEG and MR, Worried Mommy. On the other hand, I know what you are going through now. You don't want them to find anything serious but you want them to find something - it leaves you in a kind of suspended animation somewhere between relief and disappointment/despair. Your son's symptoms sound very similar to my son's. The 'ice... (20 replies)
... about your numb fingers and cold arms, that seems to me consistant with a herniated disk in the cervical area. ... (7 replies)
... then there are days that arent so bad. The burning is definately the worst. And it depends really on where it is. When it is my thighs or around my ribs it is extremely uncomfortable. For me it is comparable to a steam burn if you have experienced that. But the feet are more like frost bite. ... (6 replies)
... Hello to all ! I hope that anybody out there with a rare type of neuropathy called Small nerve fiber neuropathy can help me. So far this is the closest to the symptoms I have been having for the last several months. I am in debilitating pain. It is severly effecting my life. MY story can be found in the next page under my name and heading "do I have PN or RSD" I have... (1 replies)
... Read on: My experience, related below, ended with good news! I have just been tentatively diagnosed with something called Celiac disease. It is a profound, inherited intolerance to the gluten in wheat, barley, rye, and oats. I cannot eat even a minicule amount. This diagnosis also explains my peripheral neuropathy (confirmed by EMG). I have noted for many years increasing... (11 replies)

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