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... for the last few years i have been having a problem with burning and tingling feet made worse when the weather is warm ,i'm naturally a fairly cold person and have noticed that even when my feet are burning they feel cold to the touch. also i have been having problems in other areas, i sometimes get what i would describe as an area of sore sensitive skin usually on my arm leg... (2 replies)
Jul 1, 2018
... teteri66 Yes that could be true except that I have been getting pain in both my legs ans arms as well as the back of my head and face. I should have also said that just laying down does not make the pain go away It is only when I sleep. (4 replies)
... Hi, I started with an idiopathic peripheral neuropathy about 2 years ago. I had a lot of pain and numbness and burning in my feet. Over about a month it progressed to my hands and arms, even into my face. ... (5 replies)

... abetes i take 9x300mg of gab 2x200mg slow released tramadol and lidocaine patches test done in 2016 now i get whole body numbness and tingling hands cold rash on face SFN is getting worse no longer feel my toes. ... (9 replies)
... ---- Hi teteri66, thanks for remembering. Yes..the back problem with did is still a big issue and the only way to cope is by have radiofrequency ablation on my bilateral cervical and bilateral lumbar parts of my spine. I was diagnosed 2 years ago with polyneuropathy and confirmed using the 3 point skin biopsy. Gabapentin was not taking the edge off for the PN and just... (3 replies)
... I have pain behind the eyes and blurred vision, plus my face burns awful both sides. I think the pain behind the eyes are spasms. ... (2 replies)
... I have it only in my feet. I was diagnosed with neuropathy. The podiatrist had my PCP do a test for low b12. Mine was extremly low. I started taking b12 injections monthly because I was told at my age which was 65 I couldn't absorb thru stomach. My b12 was uped to an acceptible level but I was later diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Dr thinks that is what caused neuropathy. I... (1 replies)
... voiding walking too much can help me end up in a flare up with pain that doesn't let me get out of pain. I still feel like unless a doctor points a finger in my face and yells at me that long walking does affect me, that I feel bad avoiding it...then I end up sick.. ... (9 replies)
... If I had to give you a wild guess, I would say that maybe you have what is called trigeminal neuralgia. That is a very painful condition, and I just thought of it when you mentioned the neuropathy. Each trigeminal nerve splits into three branches, controlling the feeling for different parts of your face. They are the ophthalmic branch. It controls your eye, upper eyelid,... (2 replies)
... Lyrica. Beginning in December 2015 I began having pain in my hands, which has gotten worse but isn't as severe as my feet. I have recently been having pain in my face and behind my eyes...Kind of like pressure and a weird kind of feeling really hard to describe. ... (2 replies)
... Is it your whole face or just one side? ... (6 replies)
... I have that in all of those areas, as well. It's a burning sensation/pins and needles/tingling. Have you been to a doctor? (6 replies)
... I have that. It started in my legs now it's in my butt,back under my armpits, and started at the base of my neck to the front of face. It feels like bugs. I felt like I was the only One until today (6 replies)
... Yep. Sounds very familiar. I had that over my body including face. (6 replies)
... My actually feels like bugs crawling on my face with some pain also. ... (6 replies)
... Yes, I have that sometimes too. The disease can take many twists unfortunately. Amy (5 replies)
... Can one of the symptoms of facial Neuropathy feel like bugs on the face I am constantly brushing at my face even though there is nothing there its awful feeling. ... (5 replies)
Neuropathy moving
May 24, 2016
... I have had neuropathic pain for 4 years also. I don't know if it is caused by my MS or not. I don't have Large Fiber Neuropathy but quite sure it is Small Fiber Neuropathy but that hasn't been confirmed. ... (9 replies)
... o thinks I have some other things going on as well because she has never seen anyone else that has had the amount of pain along with the other normal symptoms of neuropathy as I have had. ... (2 replies)
... Those bugs, i hope you dint imagine them, some people imagine they have bugs that bit them, and its due to a mental condition. it could be a tick,mites(probably got bit by mites.) sounds like some form of neuropathy. the feeling of web i have seen as a symptom of an ID, it can also be an allergy as well. (4 replies)

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