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... Yes, I have that sometimes too. The disease can take many twists unfortunately. Amy (5 replies)
... Can one of the symptoms of facial Neuropathy feel like bugs on the face I am constantly brushing at my face even though there is nothing there its awful feeling. ... (5 replies)
... Dr. says that it is Facial Neuropathy. and if i start getting pain to tell her. she said it seems like it is going away. I told her its the only two times i have ever had it. ... (0 replies)

... I have been on the dental forums and infectious disease forums and now to the neuropathy forums. Hey, at least I am moving around LOL. I have read a lot of posts here and my heart goes out to each and every one of you, as the patient or caregiver. ... (0 replies)
... I take Gapentin and effexor. Combined they have helped significantly with facial as well as overall nerve pain. ... (6 replies)
... what are some of the options that you do for facial neropathy? ... (6 replies)
... I had regular acupuncture by a Chinese woman at my Chinese (although U.S. med school) pain mgmt physician's office for about 6 or 7 sessions. It didn't help, although it was relaxing. I have Atypical facial pain - facial neuropathy. But, when he got a new acupuncturist and asked if I wanted to try him, he said he was "very good", I think implying that all acupuncturists are... (3 replies)
... Personally I do NOT feel like this has anything to do with this facial and head pain. I have so many neurological symptoms. This last doc even saw calcification on the nerve in my left eye but blew that off . ... (9 replies)
... ribute these types of paresthesias to plain old muscle issues.there appears to most definitely be some level of crainial nerve involvement going on in either the facial area itself,but most likely the c spine area. ... (9 replies)
... I have some sort of neuropathy - cause not yet defined. It might be viral, like a Guillen-Barre variant) or what I think - a reaction to a statin drug I was taking. In any event I had numbness on my face and occasional shooting pains in my teeth and gums. My eyelid also twitches. I am on nortriptyline. I dont know if it is helping or the symptoms are subsiding on their... (9 replies)
... I have some periferal neuropathy on my foot and it it very similar except on the face and head it is dibilatating. ... (9 replies)
... Is it your whole face or just one side? I have been on Gabapentin for 5 years, initially for trigeminal neuralgia and have found relief from that and nortriptyline (helped migraines). (6 replies)
... I have that in all of those areas, as well. It's a burning sensation/pins and needles/tingling. Have you been to a doctor? (6 replies)
... I have that. It started in my legs now it's in my butt,back under my armpits, and started at the base of my neck to the front of face. It feels like bugs. I felt like I was the only One until today (6 replies)
... Yep. Sounds very familiar. I had that over my body including face. (6 replies)
... My actually feels like bugs crawling on my face with some pain also. (6 replies)
... Gabapentin works very well for me. i know others that are taking Lyrica with better results. Good luck, James (5 replies)
... Is there anything that really helps, Gabepentin is useless to me. (5 replies)
... Thank you for the information (5 replies)
... Same here. Call them the creepy crawlies. (5 replies)

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