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... hopefully others dealing with this longer can answer.i am on Keppra 200 mg. At night.Klonopin and pain meds that take the edge off but never get total relief.Thanks and I have learned a lot reading this message board . ... (0 replies)
Oct 20, 2014
... Hello, this is my first post, so I am excited for some feedback. If anyone can give me a review of the medication called Keppra I would greatly appreciate it. ... (0 replies)
... its a lidocaine hydrochlorine jelly and the voltaren is a gel. i apply the lidocaine first because it seems to numb it then i apply the voltaren. if you can while at work use the frozen peas to help with the burning they stay cold longer than you think. i know what you mean about your feet and working i work too and at the end of the day i can bearly walk or stand because of... (43 replies)

... hi lena-marie sorry it took so long to get back ive been resting my wrist. its feeling better since i start applying heat and using voltaren gel. as i stated before i do use nerve meds stated lyrica about 4 months ago started with 100mg twice a day but was having swelling in my ankels so we droped to 50mg twice a day and its not working well as of this week went to 50mg... (7 replies)
... billy here are some names of medication you may want to read about that help with neuropathy: gabatine, amitriptyline hci, carbamazepine(tegratol), levetracetam (keppra), cymbalta and lyrica. like i said before it trial and error some may work for you and not for others. stay positive and strong (5 replies)
... am and I was awaken from my sleep with the worst burning and tingling in my feet. I am a diabetic, have diabetic neuropathy and epilepsy. I am currently on Lyrica 4 times per day, tramadol, and Keppra for seizures as well as the various meds I take for diabetes. ... (5 replies)
... Any of you have head presure and body wide pain with severe confusion? Any suggestions? I am desperate ! (38 replies)
... that was me with amitrip. after i got off of that i was put on tegretol maybe this something you can try it did work but after being on it for 2 years my body became amune to it now tring to find somethin else right now just started keppra good luck cocoa (38 replies)
... ply. Yes, I know that they can be used to treat neuropathy, but in rare instances they may also cause neuropathy. I found one article on pubmed of a case where Keppra induced peripheral neuropathy. ... (2 replies)
... I cannot say about zoloft causing neuropathy but I can tell you I am being treated with cymbalta and keppra at the current time. I am not taking neurontin but a medicine very similar. ... (2 replies)
... Has anyone experienced or heard of any of the following causing peripheral neuropathy - sertraline (zoloft), cymbalta, neurontin or keppra? Your help would be greatly appreciated. (2 replies)
Oct 31, 2011
... Are you currently having chemo? My boyfriend has peripheral neuropothy in his toes from chemo in past. We have had no relief from these drugs either, plus baclofen and Keppra (both anti-siezure. Sorry. I'm trying to find out about Anodyne therapy now, suggested by podiatrist. (9 replies)
... All, Couldn't agree more with regard to the ineffectiveness of drugs. Anybody have any luck with Cymbalta? It didn't do anything to me while I was increasing the dosage, but I have had some rough "rage" effects while I have been trying to ween myself off (the anger has thus far unfortunately been directed at my wonderful, and extremely understanding, wife). I am told the... (110 replies)
... Neurontin and Lyrica are big time weight gainers. If you dont want to put on weight I would try something different , Maybe Topamax or Keppra. (18 replies)
... What does your instinct tell you? My second and third opinions pointed me to asorbtion/nutritional issues. A really good multi-vite , a good b-complex -I use a co-enzyme type, and additional B-12 boosters might help. They help me. As for the A-L-A, that I've not tried it yet, but it is on my list. I'm a bit reluctant to try as I'm on soo many meds for different things, I... (9 replies)
... I am a 53 year old disables contruction worker that has been diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy with enxtensive testing done in Pittsburg and Ohio State. ... (1 replies)
... nanacarol you can go on lyrica's maufacutre web site and apply for assistance to help pay for your script and depending on income they may supply it for free.also there are other medications you can try for neuropathy such as lamotrine, amitriptriline, nortriptyline, carbamazepine(tegratol)and laevetracetam (keppra). it take trial and error to find one or more that works for... (3 replies)
... ive been living with neuropathy going on 4 yrs now and still going through trial and error for releif of the pain. ... (3 replies)
... oda's do not taste right anymore after your dose is stabilized. I took topamax for migraines before I was switched over to keppra. Maybe that was the reason my neuropathy was so bad before I started treatment with lyrica. I take lyrica and cymbalta for neuropathy. ... (11 replies)
... My Dr switched me to Keppra due to side effects and seems it works better than both the above meds... go figure. ... (6 replies)

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