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I cannot even express how sorry I am for everything that has happened to you. It brings tears to my eyes just reading your story. I can only imagine how all of this has affected your life and I am just so sorry that you have had to deal with this.

It is so hard to imagine that a vitamin deficiency can do this to you. Because I had not heard about b12 or b12 deficiencies when I was diagnosed, I did a lot of research. I have a lot of faith that overtime, even your symptoms will get better. NEVER let a doctor's diagnosis totally dictate your recovery or how you feel day-to-day. I get the impression that the younger you are and the longer your body has to recover, the better and more complete the recovery process will be. If some doctors can't even recognize the deficiency then I don't see how others can fully tell you what to expect. It just seems like a crapshoot to me. I know I have no room to talk, but stay can't hurt you to will yourself to be strong and happy. I just can't believe it took that long to diagnose you. I would not have any faith left in doctors at all...that alone would make me feel like I could overcome the "sentence" they have given you.

While my symptoms have not been nearly as severe as yours, I have just experienced pretty much consistent

*nausea/no appetite
*brain fog/confusion
*dizziness/ weakness
*pain in arms, legs, feet, hands
*burning sensations throughout whole body, esp face
*burning tongue
*numbness in fingers and face
*physically and emotionally exhausted, but no ability to sleep
*pins and needles all over...feels like Iím getting stabbed sometimes
*bad joint pain
*stomach/chest/back pains
*blurred vision
*breathing trouble
*severe anxiety and depression
*I am either lethargic or overly emotional
*I have to force myself to clean my room or take a shower
*Muscle spasms
*Sore throats and sinus problems I was not accustomed to previously

It seems that regardless of the symptoms, this is an issue that is debilitating and it just makes me feel so better to talk to others that understand how this can take over your life.

I don't wish any of this on anyone, but it helps to know things like what to look for and what works to make the situation better. For instance, my doctor said that I would feel better immediately once I began receiving injections and 2 months later, I felt no different. I thought something was seriously wrong with me but fortunately other people with b12 said the recovery is long and this changed my outlook so that now I am more positive and hopeful than my Dr had left me feeling.

Thank you so much for responding to my post. It means a lot to me that you shared your story with me. I am almost always checking this board to see what new information I can find, so I am always here if you ever need to complain to someone or just need someone to listen. I wish the best for both of us overtime!


I started suffering frim blurred vision last December (2006) and this very quickly deteriorated so that by mid January I was unable to read or drive. Having gone through a whole range of tests on my eyes, which failed to find any problem, a blood test detected that I had very low B12 levels and I started on a high load dosage at the beginning of February. The only other problems I had were tingling and numbness in my legs and a very sore tongue.
After starting the B12 injections, my vision has continued to deteriorate and I am now registered as partially blind. I have lost most of my mid vision, although my peripheral vision remains unaffected.
The doctors and consultants who have treated me all say that they are optimistic that I should regain some if not all my visioin in a matter of months. However, I have seen no improvment yet and am feeling anxious and deptressed about this situation.
Has anyoone else been in a similar situation to mine and suffered vision loss due to B12 deficieny?
Hi Linda and everyone else here on the Vit. B 12 board! I'm new here and just wanted to say Linda you are not alone. While my symptoms are not as extreme as yours with the vision, it has affected my vision slightly and they are extreme in other areas. I have a long list of symptoms, the main ones being: overwhelming fatigue; hair loss; mild loss of coordination; moderate loss of hearing, with a loud ringing in my ears constantly; mild memory loss and confusion, this is a real concern for me [[COLOR="Red"]removed[/COLOR]]. To ensure accountability at work, I am anal and write down everything in lists to double and triple check my work! How long will this last? The doctors all said the injections will cure the deficiency immediately. This has not been true with myself.
I have done much research on the internet via medical schools and research manuals. I recently graduated with a dual Master's degree (July 06) and am feeling like I am useless and need to be 'put out to the pasture'. Gee, is depression one of the symptoms :o) The worse feeling was, before finding the website; that no one knew how I felt!
I was recently diagnosed, just the end of Feb. and was started on 5 daily injections, then once a month. These injections have now been increased to once a week for a month, then every other week for life as I was not showing improvement. I have been to numerous specialists.
I am truly glad to have found this site. I just wish there was a way to chat in 'real time'.
I know what you mean Alisa, I dont' have any appetite either and very little sense of taste - so I don't feel like eating.
I'm glad you have found a docotr who specialises in your condition and would be interested to hear what treatment, if any, he prescribes. As I live in the middle of nowhere in Wales, I have yet to see a doctor who has actually treated anyone with neurological problems caused by B12 deficiency.They all think I am a 'very interesting case' but have no idea what to do !
My vision shows no signs of improvement although I was tested last week and my peripheral vision is fine, which measn I can see to get around although I can't see any detail,. If you're wondering how I can see this, I have a special package on my computer for the visually impaired which magnifies everything really large, which is great.
I am seeing my consultant nest Wednesday, but he will probably just tell me I have to be patient!

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