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I had neurological problems for over 8 months (starting with eye problems) before anyone tested my B12 level, which turned out to be 194. And then it took 2 more weeks for me to get started on injections. Talk about RIDICULOUS!!!!

And my neuro is still trying to dx me with MS, however I am pushing to be tested to find out why my B12 is so low. By the way, I highly recommend you do the same if you haven't already. It's good to know why it's low (why you aren't absorbing it). I have to go for blood work tomorrow for that).

In conclusion, right now my B12 level is still only 700 after 6 B12 injections over 9 days, apparently my body was lacking that essential viatamin:).

As for my problems, due to having them for so long they unfortunately got worse before they got better:( and are still present my neuro said she thinks they may start going away if I get my levels above 1000, but she thinks my levels have been low for over a year...ugh...hopefully things will get better soon!

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