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Hi Alaska,

I became hypothyroid last year and found out it affected alot of things for me, one of which my B-12 level. I tested at 536 and was told by by general practitioner that this is 'in range'. (range is 200-1100) However, I saw a naturopath as I was still feeling very ill and my GP would tell me to see my endo and my endo would tell me to see my GP, and I heard this naturopath was top notch especially in the thyroid arena. My naturopath said they recommend supplements for anyone testing under 800. I was eager to try as I was having the tingling in my arms and legs and thought this might help, as I've heard the neuropathy is a symptom of low B-12. At that point I had also been having issues with my eyes. Did not feel my eyesight was worse but DEFINITELY had issues trying to focus. It was an issue that was hard to explain but had been bothering me for over a month and I just had gotten used to the idea this was another one of those hypo symptoms I would have to deal with. That night I took my first dose of a B12 sublingual megavitamin. When I woke up that morning my vision was REMARKABLY improved. Everything just seemed more clear and vivid. The change was so quick and drastic that I wondered if it was related to the B12 and when I did some research I did discover that B12 is related to eyesight as well. The neuropathy took a bit longer to get rid of, but have not had any more issues with that either. So yes, I think after 3 injections you WILL notice a difference, I noticed after 1 pill. And to be honest you really should have started supplementing earlier but unfortunately our docs don't tell us this. I've learned other countries also expect you to be 800 or higher. Also, your body will simply pass any excess B12 you might be getting, so you cannot overdose on B12.

Good Luck!

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