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... and eat and made changes to healthy outlets for that behavior. I also think about food as my body's fuel. I also exercise and realize how much effort it takes to burn calories. ... (12 replies)
... The reason majority of people have such a difficult time trying to lose weight and burn fat is more than likely due to the fact that most get caught up into the fad diet extravaganza! ... (6 replies)
... When I was in elementary school, I was kind of chubby. I wanted to change that for HS and the rest of my life, and I did. When I think back to it, I am really proud of what a 13/14yr old was able to logically figure out and go on to reach that goal. (when so many adults cant) The biggest question I asked myself is, why am I eating things that are making me feel bad? I mean,... (5 replies)

... Have one scoop, eat it slowly so you can enjoy it, and then go for a walk and burn it off. Trust me, it's better than sitting and crying. Denying yourself of your favorite foods will set you up for failure. Moderation is the key. ... (5 replies)
... Your post sort of makes it sound as if every big person has a personal parking spot at McDonald's and buys nothing but candy bars and junk food. I understand that a lot of overweight people have this issue, but we're not all like that. I don't just eat garbage; I eat too much of things, and I don't exercise. I cannot stand fast food; I never go to BK, McD's, Taco Bell,... (19 replies)
... u just can't resist. DO NOT BUY candy bars and junk food. Buy carrots and celery and snakc on those when you feel "hungry" or are in the habit of eating. You can burn more calories eating celery than you take in. ... (19 replies)
... anytime we try to force fat off our bodies through caloiric restriction whether we try to burn it off or just eat less or both we start this cycle going. we end up fighting our bodies the whole way and most of the time losing that battle. ... (19 replies)
I don't get it!
Jan 28, 2005
... Exercise is tricky and exercise alone will not make you loose fat. If you eat 5000 calories a day, then pretty much you won't have physical power enough to burn it off with exercise. Lets put it this way. ... (3 replies)
What's the point?
Aug 24, 2004
... I won't be able to eat healthy, even if I exercise, I won't burn enough calories, I'll just replace them with what I eat. I'm too emotionally attached to food. ... (6 replies)
Dec 8, 2003
... I have tried just about everything that there is or was, and yet I must say that Cortislim is working pretty well, for me. I will suggest that you pick one product and try it for awhile before going back and forth. I have taken t-burn which worked well, metabolife, and some other :cool: natural products. I think that you as well as I have to be patient and work with a... (133 replies)
... rly but she never really tried to watch what she ate and to exercise. And I don't care what anyone says, you will never lose weight and keep it off if you don't burn more calories than you put in your mouth. It's as simple as that. No pills, no weirdo fads, just moving the body and eating sensibly. ... (37 replies)
... Hi Jacquie, Weight Watchers! Really.....all sorts of support systems within the groups. Give it a try! Open your heart and talk with others there. You may be pleasantly surprised. So many stresses and challenges in life I's a plateful and food can be comforting even when it hurts. But it is hurting, therefore try something new and put your heart into it.... (2 replies)
... nt of walking involved. I breathe like Dom Deluise after walking the short distance from my car to my apartment door. My back hurts, my ankles itch and my feet burn from just a five minute walk at a senior citizen's pace. ... (19 replies)
... I donít know why I do this, I just get so bored and every time im on the main floor close to the food, I find myself raiding the fridge all night munching until I literally hurts, and only when it hurts and I really cant fit anymore, I stop, but I know each time I stuff myself, I stretch my stomach making the next time easier to stuff myself just a teaspoon more, until I have... (2 replies)
... retrochic I wish you well! Do it the right way.....cut back on calories, eat healthier food, and burn some calories by walking, etc. ... (6 replies)
... t you get frustrated because you see little improvement in stamina, strenght or endurance from exercising. if your body is mainly a sugar burner and is unable to burn alot of fat during exercise, you lose steam about the time your sugar runs low. ... (11 replies)
... actually run and put pressure on your joints, just sort of lift and lower your feet and swing your arms. Your heart rate goes up a bit, you sweat a bit and you burn a few calories ... IN PRIVATE. ... (4 replies)
... to decrease the amount of insulin, being produced by the pancreas. This insulin, if produced in too great a volume, can result in insulin resistance or pancreas burn out. In the case of insulin resistance, the cells that work with the insulin become worn out and become ineffective in using the insulin to process sugars. ... (7 replies)
... ery day. It works! I lost 55 lbs. and I DO have thyroid problems, but that's pretty well controlled with synthetic thyroid hormone for more than 10 years now. I burn a lot less calories than I used to, that's for sure. ... (2 replies)
Mar 5, 2007
... In the past I dealt with occasional panic attacks and realized that you can't have one if you practice deep breathing. If you are heaving one, exercise can help burn off the adrenaline pumping through your body. ... (3 replies)

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