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Thought I would introduce myself. I've been lurking around for a couple of days looking for others to converse with.

I am the wife of an OCD sufferer. His obsessions seem to centre around preventing his family and himself from danger (danger in this case being housefire). His rituals are checking outlets and heating registers to ensure there is nothing in the vicininty that could catch fire. The rituals also include tidying and neatness.

We have two beautiful young daughters.

I have seen symptoms of OCD throughout our time together but originally thought them to be quirks and not an intrusive disorder that would affect our family life. About 14 mos. or so ago, the rituals compounded and began to rob him of time spent with his family.

Intensity of the intrusive thoughts resulting in his rituals take place at the busiest times of our day. First thing in the morning and at dinner time. The time spent on these rituals in the mornings has caused me to be late for work on a number of occassions. At dinner time, our daughters and myself often end up eating without him as he is still busy with his rituals.

At the onset of his increase, I would get so frustrated because I was handling the household on my own. I would get angry with him, lash out at the children and him when he would surface again. Many days his checks are consuming as much as 3 hours I would say (on bad days).

I tried to talk to him about it when I noticed the increase and recognized it as a problem. He would dismiss it and say "I'm a freak, I know". I knew he wasn't a freak and just wanted him to admit it is causing his family major problems.

Well, three months ago, his parents took our dd's for a weekend and we went off together to another near city for the weekend. BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO US! He brought along a print out of OCD. Breakthrough! I was so proud of him for recognizing it and being brave enough to talk about it with me!!!

We have made huge leaps in our communication as a couple. This communication was stolen from us by the OCD as he closed up about his thoughts and I was left on the sidelines. Well, now I am an active part of his healing and I am actually in a very strange way, thankful for OCD. I want more than anything for it to go away and never return but realize that it will be a long, hard road for us to get there.

His rituals and checking for the most part have decreased and I owe it all to our communication. I really believe that openness and support for the sufferer is the key to beating this monster.

I love this man very much and will be by his side every fearful baby step he takes.

We have decided to sell our executive home and purchase a townhouse and a park trailer to use in the summer months (we live in Eastern Canada). We are excited about this change as we know it will bring our family closer together. The children will thrive on spending time at the park and we will be able to relax and spend quality time together as a family. OCD, watch out!!!

Currently anyway, I feel very encouraged by our progress.

I am looking forward to meeting new folks in similar situations on this board that will keep us encouraged and provide us with new tools to help us beat this thing.

He seems to think that he will always have OCD, to some extent and that it will never go away. I have not told him this but I think with his will, determination and my support, we can beat this!

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