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Re: Illogical OCD
Dec 9, 2007
If this washing is a long time compulsion for you, then go ahead and wash, when you have to, or need to wash. Please, why put yourself through the horrible after effects of not washing?


Unfortunately, I totally disagree with your post becuase OCD is cyclical, and washing leads to more washing, and more washing leads to more washing. Giving into the anxiety that one feels when not completing a compulsion will just lead to more compulsions and more hand washing and this is only a temporary fix. The one proven method for beating compulsions is exposure and response prevention, and a detailed description of how to do this kind of thearpy is listed in Dr. Lee Baer's book, Getting Control.

You said that once you complete the compulsion to wash your hands, your anxiety goes away, but the only problem is, if you work on exposure and response prevention, the anxiety will also go away, and so will the compulsion to wash your hands. The book called Getting Control is a very good place to start for someone who is new to behavior thearpy.:D
Re: Illogical OCD
Dec 10, 2007
"Unfortunately, I totally disagree with your post"
Now check out the first words of your reply to my reply.
Oh, I'm not disagreeing with you" [/QUOTE]

Ok Sobs you got me. I guess I should have phrased it in a different way, such as I do disagree with what your first post said, but I'm not here to start an argument or tell people that their opinions stink.

[QUOTE=sobs;3343668]Anyway, would you mind telling me from which compulsions the therapy has cured you. Did you ever think, "there is no way that therapy could help this"?[/QUOTE]

When I was younger, before I knew what OCD was, I thought just like everyone else on this board that I was going crazy, but one day in English class in the 7th grade I read a short article called, "The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Washing." Once I read that article, I knew exactly what was going on with me. Although I was in therapy during that time, it took me until the very last session with my Adolescent Psychiatrist to tell him what was really going on because I was very embarassed. He sent me to a Psychotherapist who didn't do squat, then I finally started seeing the CBT that I see right now. Funny thing was, my new CBT was in the same building complex, but just a few buildings down.

So to answer your question, yes I beat alot of different compulsions completely after years of thearpy, and I started noticing results right after I started therapy. Most of my OCD now is obsessional, and I'm now working on beating the snot out of that too.:D

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