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[U][B]My OCD:[/B][/U] I have the type of OCD that involves repetitive body movements. For me, this includes: nose-picking, inner-cheek chewing, swallowing, cutticle and nail picking, lip peeling, and knuckle cracking. However, the nose-picking is my main problem. :mad:

[B][U]My sleep problem:[/U][/B] I wake up in the middle of the night compulively picking my nose. I usually awake 3 - 4 hours after I fall asleep, and then cannot fall back asleep. This has been going on for about 2 weeks, and needless to say, I am running on empty right now. :(

[U][B]My question:[/B][/U] Could this "waking up" be caused by my OCD? I know why I can't fall back asleep after I pick for 30 - 45 straight minutes - because I have taken my brain completely out of sleep mode. However, I am clueless to why I am waking up in the first place. My only explanation is my OCD. :confused:

Does anybody have any answers, thoughts, opinions, or examples?

Thank You!!
Hm, I don't remember ever hearing anything about OCD actually waking up somebody.
of course it COULD be (just thinking out aloud here) that a few times you woke up for whatever reason and then your brain kind of got used to the nightly nose-picking etc?
OR: early morning awakenings sometimes occur with depression. Maybe that's something to consider too.

knocknheadsoff - what do you think made your OCD change from the swallowing to the other OCD behaviors? With me, I don't really know why it subsided after high school, unless my anxiety levels went way down and I was more relaxed. High school was stressful for me - moving from state to state in my Jr. year and then moving in with my mom, step-dad and grandmother at the time. I guess it can just wax and wane and change. I seem to do really well when I'm crazy busy at work. I hardly focus on my swallowing at all, I guess because my mind can't be focusing on my work and the swallowing at the same time. It's more when my brain is idle that it can bother me. I just hope and pray that it will go away again. I notice that I pick a lot at my fingers as well. I used to have the fake nails, but took them off. I think I need to put them back up to help with the picking! Maybe the nose-picking is a stress relief for you, although there are quite a few people who do pick their noses? We've probably all done it, truth be known! :D Tell me more about the inisotol? I don't think I'm spelling it right? Is it something that you get at the health food store? I'm big on getting massages, because according to my massage therapist, light pressure massage helps to increase serotonin. So does biofeedback for that matter - tried it - helped with the anxiety, but don't feel it helped so much with the OCD. My therapist told me that it is exposure therapy for me to talk about the swallowing and not avoid it, so here I am on this board. I'm so glad that we have an outlet on here.


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