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Hi everyone...I'm new to this forum. where do I start. I would say that I've had ocd since at least my teenage years. It took various forms throughout these years; washing hands many times, checking if the lights in my house were off several times, doing various repetitive movements, etc...Although all these things upset me I was still able to take joy from my life. Then something awful and unexpected happened to me in 2009...a major psychotic breakdown. I hallucinated; saw and heard things that weren't there and was naturally terrified/paranoid throughout the duration of this episode...I would it say it lasted 3-4 days. It went away but left something lingering in my brain: this irritating feeling in my head (like a tickle in my brain) accompanied by non-stop random thoughts throughout my waking day. In fact, I want to say that this feeling in my head almost compels me to have these random, out-of-the-blue thoughts. My brain over-analyzes things, talks to itself constantly, and also random images/memories/music comes into my head out of nowhere. Also feelings of anger/rage, violent thoughts, and frustration to the point of beating my head with my fists. It's unbearable some days. I went to two psychiatrist, both said anxiety/ocd and prescribed medications that balance serotonin levels. It didn't really help; now I'm thinking that maybe what I need is an anti-psychotic (since this all started with psychotic breakdown) or maybe to get an MRI...i dont know. Has anybody here had this experience before? what do you guys think?

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