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... I cannot account for the finger snapping, but can say as a sufferer of the eyelash puling it took a long time and a lot of research to find out what sort of went wrong. ... (3 replies)
... I have a history too. I did entire chunk pulling from my head for a while until I forced myself to stop. Then it was searching for split ends and pulling or just wild coarse hairs... anything that looked "imperfect" to me. I still catch myself pulling split ends sometimes. ... (6 replies)
... mutilation. The eyelash pulling is probably considered a form of trichotillomania, which is the compulsive pulling out of hair. ... (6 replies)

Eyelash Pulling
Jun 17, 2010
... I love pulling out my eyelashes because the pain actually feels good! ... (3 replies)
... A process of cognitive behavioural therapy can help. The fact that it calms her and she likes the feeling of it in her fingers means it's not just the pulling but the after effects as well on a physical level. ... (3 replies)
... My 7 year old daughter has been pulling out her eyelashes for a couple of months now. ... (3 replies)
... c I got really sick I went to the hospital, and now I have a lot of problems, with depression and all. I used to see a therapist, but we never talked about the eyelash pulling. I hate this obsession so much!! Its just such a relief when I do it though. I cant understand it. I now have no eyelashes.. ... (6 replies)
Zoloft for OCD
Jun 15, 2007
... however that has never been a huge issue for me. It began with eyebrow pulling, eyelash pulling and then scalp pulling. ... (7 replies)
... eyebrow plucking. My mom had the hair pulling and would often wear her hair pinned up in a bun to hide her bald spot on top. It's very common with OCD. ... (2 replies)
... That sounds a lot like trichotillomania, the compulsive pulling out of hair. If you look at some of the other threads going on... there's one about eyelash pulling out, which is a form of the same thing... you can talk to some people who have it as well. ... (1 replies)
... ive had trichotillomania since i was 14 and i am now has been rough and horrible...i find mine to be out of boredom or stress related. I pull my eyebrows and eyelashes. Ive been also told that i do it in my sleep as well. It was so bad that my eyebrows are now tattooed on they look fabulous but i wish i had my natural ones and my eyelashes i disquise with makeup that i... (3 replies)
Eyelash Pulling
Jun 21, 2010
... If you really don't mind too much, it's fine! But if you want to change it, go ahead :] Whatever you do, do what makes you feel happy. (3 replies)
Eyelash Pulling
Jun 20, 2010
... Thanks for your reply but I've tried everything and I can't stop. It's part of my rountine. (3 replies)
Eyelash Pulling
Jun 19, 2010
... Luckily, they say it's not dangerous. But I understand because I kind of enjoy biting my nails. Idk why. ._. but I'd love to stop so they can grow and I can wear nail polish! So... remember how you started in the first place. When you do it. Count how many times you do it each week. Like, let's say, Week #1: on average, you pulled on your eyelashes 10 times each day. The... (3 replies)
... this might help, though you have to stay with it or it won't work. Keep a generic rubber band, not a soft one for hair but just a standard one, wear it around your wrist. When you want to reach and pull your eyelash, pop the rubberband on your wrist. do this for weeks, if you stay with it, i think it might be a good treatment. (4 replies)
... Eyelash pulling comes under a disorder called trichotillomania. ... (6 replies)
... your story sounds just like how my eyelash pulling started! It started when I was about 20 or 21. I am now 29. ... (12 replies)
... I started 3 years ago with my eyelashes. I thought I was the only one to do this. Over the years I have tried stopping but often didn't work. I then started pulling my eyebrows. Then in September I started pulling my head hair. My eyelash and eyebrow pulling has subsided a lot. ... (72 replies)
Dec 23, 2006
... I always end up pulling them out again so I can calm down enough to sleep...and when I'm bored.. ... (4 replies)
Dec 23, 2006
... I always end up pulling them out again so I can calm down enough to sleep...and when I'm bored.. ... (16 replies)

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