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... I got over those thoughts quickly. But for months I suffered from my ROCD but as those started to quiet down my HOCD got worse. Especially sicne there is basically sex everywhere on tv and in movies that display half or fully naked women. ... (0 replies)
... Well mons, I think the gay thoughts are normal, even for "regular" people who don't have ocd. It's like Kurt Cobain said "Everyone's Gay"... ... (1 replies)
... sturbating to a gay thought. ... (1 replies)

... yea, i have the HOCD the unwanted gay thoughts, they Fu** up your life, i dident graduate yet because of them,im still in HS i just changed medications 2day, i hope it gets better so i can be the way i was be4! (5 replies)
... and thirdly im not fully over it at all...i guess before my hocd was a full blown painting, now its only a pencil drawing! ... (3 replies)
... so i'm past the main thrust of HOCD perhaps? ... (3 replies)
... lified just a sufferer but im not as sure you are suffering with relationship OCD however you might be, they do often go together, it sounds to me more like your gay thoughts are affecting your relationship rather than different thoughts, but obviously if thats wrong then obviously you could be suffering. ... (1 replies)
... i have been suffering HOCD for about 7 months now. ... (1 replies)
Aug 27, 2010
... ot. Some days I think I have ocd and other days I feel like its my imagination. My newest thing is searching for ocd information. The thing is, I know I'm not gay but thought I was for many years but I didn't fear it unless it seemed like i was in a situation when something could happen, then I'd run from it. ... (2 replies)
... nificant other. But I suggest you look into it or it will forever haunt you. You have to confront the doubt to silence it once and for all. Again, you may not be gay at all. ... (1 replies)
... ually have OCD or not and that makes my anxiety skyrocket even more. I've found myself going in circles inside my head to the point where I convinced myself that HOCD wasn't even a real type of OCD and that I had made it up. I thought, what if the articles I read aren't factual? ... (1 replies)
Stress from ocd
Nov 19, 2009
... l I started with my compulsions... And a problem i always have is thinking what other people think about me and trying to fix it.... And sometimes people call me gay when im not and my hocd really panics me... ... (3 replies)
... d and feel like I am when i ask myself those question. I mean, I just simply tell myself that I am what I'm not and dont want to. With HOCD, I jsut feel like I'm gay then I get anxious and I ask myself why is dat, i'm not why I say I am. And you feel like ur in denial and feel like u dont have ocd. ... (2 replies)
... fact that I do not want to have sex with women. I became unable to look other women in the eye. It was nearly impossible to watch TV, etc. All of the classic HOCD signs. I discovered this board on accident, while trying to understand why these intrusive thoughts would not go away. ... (3 replies)
... I used to have problems with HOCD when I was a teenager. I was able to beat it, somehow. ... (11 replies)
... i recently broke up with my ex... for a while, the OCD confused me... i wasnt sure if i loved her... well, ok.. i DIDNT love her anymore, but because of OCD i kept saying "yes you do... youre wrong.. youre always wrong, youre lucky she will even stay with you"... kind of the reverse... i stayed very unhappy for a very long time, and i finally made the move to get out of it...... (4 replies)
... hello, Maybe because of you HOCD, your brain is trying to trick you into thinking that your relationship with your girlfriend isnt real or like your not really going out with your gf . Your brain knows that if you think that , then you will link it to being gay. Therefore you will think "I must be gay." I dont have Hocd, but i have OCD and my brain does try and trick me... (4 replies)
Jun 16, 2004
... I look at it like this. I myself am gay, and I also have OCD. I know I don't have HOCD because the thought of being gay never worried me or aggrevated my OCD, and plus I find women more attractive than men ...... ... (7 replies)
... sexual manner. At least with me, my HOCD is triggered by the obsession of how I compare myself to other men. ... (0 replies)
Jun 14, 2004
... Honorus, I think we've all had that thought. The truth is, only God knows. I think He's blessed you with two kids and a wife for a reason, (which of course is not to be gay) Trust me, we all have had thoughts, unsure if it's OCD or our "true" selves. If you want check out, this will give you a better idea if you haven't already checked it... (7 replies)

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