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... OH my. I've always had issues, never been diagnosed but family physicians have prescribed me anti-depressants over the years. Currently I take Celexa and last month she put me on Wellbutrin when I broke down in her office like an idiot. But she also set me up an appointment with a psychiatrist, first one ever (I'm 31, struggled with depression since childhood). But it's in... (2 replies)
... um has always picked but she picks all,over her body where i only pick my scalp. Why i am talking about it now is my scalp is so painful and my lymph nodes on my head and neck are very swollen and very painful..but it does not make me stop. I even shaved my head 4 months ago so i would be shamed into stopping..but noooo. ... (0 replies)
... I am 20 years of age and for the past couple of years I just can't seem to stop picking my scalp, sometimes I do it untill it bleeds! I never notice how long I'm doing it as it seems I'm just in a trance! ... (1 replies)

Skin Picking
Oct 28, 2012
... I just figured out that I have an issue with constantly picking at my head or chest or even stomach....I never knew it was a problem until my best friend noticed it and told me I was constantly moving my hands or picking at said areas!! ... (0 replies)
... i have the same problem, whenever i am stressed,upset, bored, really anytime, i sit and pick scabs on my head. it does sound so gross, but i cant help myself. i am to embaressed to go get my hair cut. mine started long ago. it is to the point where i will sit and scratch an area with my nail until a sore pops up and then scabs,,,,i hate this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (7 replies)
... I'm 14 years old and I think I have a compulsive scalp picking disorder. It all started with just a little scab on my head, about three year ago. ... (1 replies)
... I'm 14 years old and I think I have a compulsive scalp picking disorderAfinger nails to pick it off. Then I noticed all the other perfections on my head and all the little chunks and flakes of dandruff. Now I have several scabs and sore spots on my head and I can't stop picking! ... (7 replies)
... For the past two years, I've been picking the skin on the pads of my fingers until they just bleed. ... (3 replies)
Aug 28, 2008
... I am constantly touching my face, feeling around for the slightest bump. Like so many others, I know very well that scratching, squeezing, and picking will result in an unsightly blemish. I tell that to myself while I do it, but for some reason I cannot get myself to walk away from the mirror. ... (1 replies)
... I am 34. I started picking my scalp when I was 13. I prayed, I wore hats, gloves, hair up, etc. Acrylics dont work either, cause I just figure out how to pick no matter what. ... (6 replies)
... I have ocd which shows it's ugly head in many different ways. ... (5 replies)
... I lost my hair when I was 28 years old...and since then I pick my head continiously. ... (6 replies)
Skin Picking
Jan 22, 2008
... he palm of the hand. This served as a diversion for awhile. In the past year I've had several surgeries on my hands so it was too painful to use, and I'm back to picking my leg. ... (66 replies)
... Hi. i dont know if im doing this right. i just added right now. but i have been searching to find someone out there like me who also picks out their hair due to stress. i pick thinking the curly hairs are going to damage my hair so i pick them out. so now i have really thin hair and i need to find help but i dont know where to go. got any suggestions? (10 replies)
Skin Picking
May 20, 2007
... I have done that a few times, expect on my fingers. You know the middle part of your fingers?? When there has been nthing there - no scabs or anything - i have started to pick at it and bite - but pick more - and now the middle of my fingers look horrible, but i still pack them 5 years on. Its horrible. (11 replies)
Skin Picking
May 19, 2007
... ly when scabs are healing, its a searious issue if you start picking nothing, and create something, and then pick at that until its really big, I did that to my head once, I saw the dr, and she dignosed me with some hair loss thing, and there was a big scab on my head, I told her I created it. ... (11 replies)
Skin Picking
May 2, 2007
... I can't believe there's 2 others that do EXACTLY what I do! :eek: Even down to the mouse cleaning!! My scalp and my lips are my battlegrounds. My poor scalp has presently 6 scabbed areas that I'm fighting not to pick. I didn't cut my hair for over 5 years because of this problem, I was too embarassed to go to the hair salon. To make things worse, I have thin hair and my... (66 replies)
Skin Picking
Apr 18, 2007
... I have several scars on my body thanks to my picking during that time, but nothing majorly out of place... except on my scalp. I had one large sore on the back left part of my head. ... (66 replies)
Skin Picking
Apr 15, 2007
... Ever since childhood, back in the 6th grade, I've picked at my hair. Scalp hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, etc. I even had a bald spot on the top of my head from plucking the hair out. ... (66 replies)
Skin Picking
Apr 13, 2007
... Wow! GatsbyLuvr1920! This is just so odd for me. I've been picking at my scalp for over 20 years and I'm 36yrs old. I just thought it was just the way I was. I never really thought to look it up on the internet. ... (66 replies)

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