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... Oh my god what is wrong with me!? ... (1 replies)
... I am 17 years old and its been very much difficult for me to live with ocd intrusive thoughts since for the past 6 years i am suffering from this. Main problem is that the repetetive abusive words that keep revolving in my mind. ... (2 replies)
... First, don't panic about any of your thoughts or obsessions. No matter what they are, they are not who you are or you would not be posting. ... (2 replies)

... e through what you are going through for years and i know how painful it can be. Through it all i have learned the way that works. You must not worry about those thoughts whatsoever. ... (6 replies)
... I've been having a hard time lately with intrusive thoughts about God or loved ones for no reason, it's so debilitating!!! ... (2 replies)
... one of the things she prayed was thanking God that he had seen and dealt with so much more and worse than what was going on in my head. ... (10 replies)
... I am a very religious person. I think this is why my intrusive thoughts revolve around religion. it is very important to me so therefore it hurts more. all day long I battle thoughts. ... (10 replies)
... ve dealt with what people with OCD call intrusive thoughts. In my mind I would say disrespectful things against god, things I NEVER would say. I love him very much and would never want to hurt him. ... (10 replies)
... was raised Catholic and definitely used to be pretty religious so I guess it is still engraved in me. You think them because you arent allowed to think them and thoughts are attached to the sensations that they cause. Therefore, the brain is more likely to think things that will cause some sort of reaction in you. Esp. ... (1 replies)
... The problem is I keep acting as if these intrusive thoughts were my actions. Even though they are not. ... (1 replies)
... What you say does make sense. The problem I have is I believe these intrusive thougts are real because I seem to see connections in daily life linked to these intrusive thoughts. ... (5 replies)
... Yes, I can relate very much to these intrusive thoughts about hell. It is definitely OCD and is a fairly common type of obsession, often referred to as scrupulosity. ... (5 replies)
... itive Behaviour Therapist has seen me numerous times in the past, and he told me, 'If I was to diagnose you, I'd say you have slight O.C.D, you're suffering from intrusive thoughts, and you have General Anxiety Disorder'. ... (5 replies)
... I read through all of your posts and this sounds a lot like OCD. I have suffered with intrusive thoughts as well. They are horrible, crippling. I have never had thoughts on harming myself, but others. ... (13 replies)
... Hi im a 19 year old boy and ive been scared, worried and ive quit doing the stuff i love because of these very disturbing intrusive thoughts ive been having. They have been goin now for about 2 weeks. ... (5 replies)
... I thought I was the only one who had these intrusive thoughts! ... (6 replies)
... the support I been getting. You guys on the board have definitly helped so much. Talking about it to people who live with it as well has no comparison. Thank God for the internet. I know I would never have been able to go to a support group and discuss this face to face. At least not right now. ... (4 replies)
... went away completely. I had the same thing happen and I have days where I can feel quite good. I am finding that exercise helps me quite a bit and my faith in God sustains me. ... (47 replies)
... From what I understand, intrusive thoughts vary from person to person. It can be about anything. ... (47 replies)
... I watched the news about andrea yates , and then thought "oh god, I hope that doesn't happen to me". So of course then , I started having intrusive thoughts about harming my baby, whom I loved so much. I started beack on meds , and they eventually subsided. I am now pregnant ,and got of the lexapro when I found out. ... (5 replies)

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