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... i had a bad habit of chewing my nails now im chewing my lip the bottom lip im a very nervous person why do i do this i never used to please help i need advice. ... (0 replies)
... I can relate to the lip biting thing. ... (11 replies)
Mouth biting.
Jun 22, 2011
... people tell me that one day I am going to chew right through my mouth and believe it or not that has happened. ... (0 replies)

... I constantly need to be chewing on something, be it chips, candy, or gum. If I run out of gum I find myself biting my lip or the inside of my cheek, which sometimes leads to bleeding. When I chew gum I chew the same piece for hours, and my jaw ends up getting really sore. ... (1 replies)
My story
May 30, 2009
... My other problem is ever since i can remember i chew on the inside of my lip and tongue constantly. I have been doing this for all my life. My daughter has been doing it also for a few years now. ... (2 replies)
Finger Eater
Sep 23, 2007
... I understand what you're going through. I've always bit or chewed away the hangnails on my fingers. When I was younger, it happened literally all the time. Later in life I have been able to control it, but not stop it. I have found that reducing the amount of stress in your life goes a long way to controlling the finger chewing. But everyone's different. Some people are... (3 replies)
Finger Eater
Aug 9, 2007
... ht I might get a little understanding from someone on the board. I am a compulsive finger eater. Actually, it's not just my fingers I chew, it's the inside of my lip and I pick at any scabs or dry skin until it's infected and raw and bleeding. ... (3 replies)
OCD/"Mouth" Noises
Apr 11, 2007
... Like many, I can relate this 'disorder' to my father, who used to chew gum loudly in the car and I would be stuck with the sound for hours and couldn't do a thing about it. ... (8 replies)
... I've been reading a lot of these posts and I think this is me. When I come in the house I have to open and close the door several times, looking to make sure a cat isn't stuck between the screen door and the regular door. I blink constantly (but that doesn't last, when I stop blinking then I'll chew my lip or click my tongue instead). I crack my knuckles all the time, I sniff... (2 replies)
... Hee...I bite...the inside bottom of my lip....till it's swollen and bloody, I look like I got hit in the face real good...can't help it, the little chewy pieces are so NICE...(sick, sick, I know, I hate it once I look beaten, but while it's going on, the chewing, I *like* it, and I sure cant stop once I get going...) Specially when I'm reading, which is most of the time,... (13 replies)
... For lip biting, chew gum! It does wonders too! ... (7 replies)
... Hi i was seeing a therapist about 1 years ago and he could never make a diagnosis right because of the involvement with drugs that i had and all anyways i did some really basic reading and found OCD i said oh sounds pretty close right so i told him about it and he said yeah sure lets give it a try (he wasnt really good) anyways the thing is that i never received a proper... (3 replies)
Lip Chewing
Dec 7, 2002
... It just started within the past few years.. the weird thing was that i was biting my bottom lip as i was reading this thread, and i didn't even realize it at first. I don't bite it so hard that it bleeds or anything... ... (16 replies)
Lip Chewing
Dec 4, 2002
... I bite the inside of my bottom lip, and chew the skin off, and chew the inside of my mouth. ... (16 replies)
... I also still chew on my bottom lip, which I have been doing since high school. ... (72 replies)
Lip Chewing
Aug 27, 2002
... P.S. I still chew my lip!Just the bottom. ... (16 replies)
Lip Chewing
Aug 10, 2002
... l and i bite the peeling skin off but it doesnt stop at the peeling skin i keep my lip tore up for way over a month and pull off new skin as it grows back i also chew up the inside of my cheek and ive had the entire inside of my cheek tore clean as far back as i could bite.... ... (16 replies)

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