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... evere depression. I decided to try Zoloft for 2 days which triggered my OCD. I immediately stopped the drug, but my brain went into a crazy frenzy. I started the obsessive harming thoughts that are about anything violent you can imagine. ... (2 replies)
... evere depression. I decided to try Zoloft for 2 days which triggered my OCD. I immediately stopped the drug, but my brain went into a crazy frenzy. I started the obsessive harming thoughts that are about anything violent you can imagine. ... (6 replies)
... hurting thoughts to raping my dog and cannibalism. I would never do any of that, ever. ... (3 replies)

... am also taking zoloft which I believe evens out my moods a little. Lately I've been thinking that my fear has come from my father. He was an alcoholic and very violent to others in front of us kids. He was also violent to my brother. He never sexually abused us but would bring hookers into the bunk bed just above us. ... (1 replies)
Violent thoughts
Apr 21, 2007
... triggered in a more loving environment. My home environment is I presume unusual. My father was extremely violent and I received almost daily beatings throughout my entire childhood. I know this is when my anxiety began. ... (15 replies)
... I suffer from what they call "Pure O", which is what I am assuming you pretty much have too. It's OCD but more or less the obsessive thoughts rather then the compulsions, although the compulsions can still occur. ... (10 replies)
... am reading the bible or any other book but especially the bible, i start having violent and sexual thoughts, its horrible anyway i started celexa and the sexual thoughts subsided, but were replaced with violent thoughts and I let panic attacks everytime i remeber the thoughts and of course then they start again! ... (5 replies)
Violent thoughts
Mar 16, 2005
... if it makes you feel any better I struggle with thoughts all the time. I was just talking about this the other day with my parents telling them I feel like I am crazy and I wonder if it's an OCD thing. ... (26 replies)
... I was born with OCD. I suffer from compulsions and obsessive thoughts. As a teenager, my compulsions were really intense and they have calmed down over the past 10 years. ... (2 replies)
... d just fixate on something else. Currently his anxiety is about Christianity. We are a Christian family and he is saved and has been baptized. But the anxious thoughts recently came to his mind that what if God is not real... what if none of it is real... ... (5 replies)
Intrusive Thoughts
Oct 23, 2010
... Hello, I know there are many, many posts and forums about intrusive thoughts and a lot have helped me but I just need some calming about my own. ... (5 replies)
... I get horrible, violent images of hurting myself. They are out of my control and happen at random. ... (5 replies)
Harming thoughts
May 24, 2007
... I know that you are not a psycho. Trust me, I know people that are violent and angry and feel no guilt over their behavior. In my mind, those are the people you have to worry about. ... (6 replies)
... ve suffered from what I can only describe as possible OCD. As a young teen I was plagued with images of a violent and sexual nature which often left me upset and with the view that I was a bad person. ... (4 replies)
Is this OCD?
Oct 28, 2006
... OCD. It seems most people even if they don't have OCD do at times get obsessive or compulsive about somethings, but when the things I posted above fill your day then I would say you had OCD. ... (2 replies)
Oct 27, 2006
... I have been suffering from obsessive intrusive thoughts like the most of you and i am supposed to start taking Risperdal tonight and i am afraid honestly. ... (3 replies)
... Hello, I'm new to posting on this board, but have read posts for a while now. I have been suffering from intrusive thoughts lately. I have always had these, but they have accelerated lately and it's interfering with my daily life. ... (2 replies)
... When all is said and done, you can't change fate and destiny no matter how many anxiety attacks, pantic attacks, or obsessive thoughts you may have. I just tell myself, hey whatever is going to happen is going to happen and I can't change that. All I can do is the best that I know how to do. ... (5 replies)
... to russian,counting letters...just very very mild... but it does help me relax and haha it really doesn't bother me. ANyways though... I also have had intrusive violent thoughts...I have a hard time watching scary movies, and fear that haha like you said I may have a weird serial killer or killer hormone! ... (5 replies)
... Many people have occasional, strange thoughts about violent or unhappy things. They are only odd thoughts that flit through our brains. People don't usually talk about these thoughts, but they are very common and don't mean much of anything. ... (27 replies)

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