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... ay and don't have them handy anywhere. If you get the urge to pick, then yiur head will have to kick into getting that time, yiu might write down some thoughts as to how you feel and what you are thinking....have a pen and paper in the place of the knife. ... (17 replies)
... e I don't want to be there when I'm hurting. I was so panicked about being able to keep up and about having to take off running to the bathroom that I let those thoughts run through my head the whole shift and made myself sick. ... (17 replies)
... Thank you for the kind words. I know you say you draw a blank, however, I think that once you start recognising any thoughts and your feelings about them, you might open a few aspects of the process. ... (17 replies)

... Yeah, I've been at my same job for 25 years. It's just a restaurant job though. My boss and everyone knows I had surgery and I'm recovering. I think it's more of an issue with myself and my head. Lol. It the middle of a rush, I can stop and have to run to the bathroom. Boss is fine with it cuz I don't even have to be back to work yet. I could get two more weeks off... (17 replies)
... You actually do care about's obvious to me.....could you be caring more about other's thoughts in relation to your own? ... (17 replies)
... Hi! I had to copy what you put so I can keep going back to ask questions about your comments. "Conscious options do make a difference as well as awareness". What do you mean? I also don't know what a hard sebum plug is. I have zits and scars on my face and my arms and I'm a picker there too. I hate it! I do feel safe. I also still feel scared. And I also always... (17 replies)
... itual of having it at the ready or do yiu go and get it when the urge hits...etc. lThe process is one step at a time. Even if it's chaotic random feelings and thoughts and behaviours or whatever....eventually, lines are connected and a pattern emerges. ... (17 replies)
... Thank you so much! That makes so much sense! I already suspects that she knows about my hands. I know she'll ask why I do it and what thoughts are in my head when I do it but I don't have an answer. I'll just be watching TV or whatever and realize a while later that I'm doing it again. Ugh. ... (17 replies)
... My hands used to turn bright red and swollen. My thoughts were truly behind the continued reaction, and it took a very long time to see how it all worked. ... (17 replies)
... Thanks so much Q! I have been doing this forever. I've been seeing therapist for 1.5 years and haven't told her anything about it. I know I do it when I'm stressed, anxious or even just bored. Therapy has been difficult cuz it's hard for me to open up. I want to tell her things and then I freeze and I can't. I know it's partially out of embarrassment but I also feel like... (17 replies)
... not alone. I get intrusive thoughts, too. The more you focus on them, the worse they get. What has helped me a little bit is knowing that EVERYONE gets thoughts of doing horrible things. Everyone. Our minds are powerful things, and whatever is possible to think up, we will think it up. ... (3 replies)
... If you can identify the thoughts and then learn the process to intervene, you will be able to stop the destruction. ... (17 replies)
... It really does sound like Ocd,, I think i too suffer a little bit with this,I suffer mainly with thoughts, over thinking paranoia, a bit of hypercondria, to the point where i am mentally exhausted, it effects my work and my relationships.. I wish I could have just one day with a clear head, it's not healthy to feel like this every day, x (3 replies)
... Trust me when I say that what you're experiencing can be typical for people who have OCD, and as silly as this may sound, simply reminding yourself that you have OCD can actually decrease the symptoms that are common for those of us with OCD. ... (8 replies)
Shower OCD?
Aug 9, 2016
... So I'm not sure if this is OCD related. ... (0 replies)
... Hello. I'm Billie, I'm new here. I'm 37 and have been dealing with OCD since I was 21. I have only recently found a therapist in my area that has experience in ERP. I currently take no medications. ... (0 replies)
... Yeah true it is so ****, like its gotten as bad as me checking google to see what type of symptoms psychosis has which i shouldn't do i know just to check if i have any symptoms, now im freaking out thinking what if i get it,, its like im being too hypervigilant u could say about it i'll see if im hearing things and i'll overthink about things, its ridiculous but the fear is... (3 replies)
... d tremendously . I am a female and have found that my hormones play a role in it too. Bottom line, you are not alone, our brains are constantly kicking out thoughts because that's their job. ... (3 replies)
... looking at some old friends online , and I got an image of the hallway we would walk through to get to some of our classes in Junior High School. Quickly, those thoughts became conflated with the thought of someone sticking me with a needle and giving me HIV. I still am not sure why I associate these thoughts. ... (8 replies)
... secretly what i want or am i going to end up being psychotic. I am fearing that i'll become someone I'm not. the thing is i dont feel anything when I have these thoughts like i still feel calm but still i dont want them either. has anyone had anything similar? ... (3 replies)

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