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... I will write this down in my calander..Start to keep track of how long a obsession last for...Has anybody else kept track by writing it down? ... (17 replies)
... This thread is "How long do your obsessions last? ... (17 replies)
... I've come a long way since that terrible night. Thankfully that harming thought, and the high anxiety that came with it, has left. ... (17 replies)

... I too find that I am more aware of subtle changes in how i feel physically, and when i am OCD'ing those can be magnified greatly. I am learning how to just let them go and realize that the worry is just the OCD, and i've had these feelings before and nothing bad happened when i did. ... (17 replies)
... It strange how OCD works.. ... (17 replies)
... Hi Catgirl. I did have a harm obsession, but that's gone now. Now I'd say I obsess about how I'm feeling, I seem to be constantly taking stock of what I'm thinking, what sensations I'm experiencing, how to avoid slipping into a depersonalized state. etc. ... (17 replies)
... xiety, just peripheral to it. So one day I just said to myself, even though I don't feel like doing much of anything I'm going to MAKE myself try it, and before long I was back to looking forward to it and enjoying it again. ... (17 replies)
Pure o
Feb 28, 2015
... Seroquel 100mg, how long have you been on that? ... (3 replies)
... Who was the author? I think that I started getting my intrusive harm thoughts from reading too much Dean Koontz! (17 replies)
New to Pure-o
Jan 25, 2008
... How long have they worked with people who have OCD and anxiety disorders? ... (1 replies)
... Some people will describe themselves as having pure O or pure C, but it all falls under OCD. ... (4 replies)
... I think my OCD is worse at night when I'm just laying there in bed. It's hard sometimes for me to watch t.v. without having the OCD. If I keep my mind busy or distracted, I can do rather well. Does anyone ever have OCD in their dreams? Sometimes I do and I think to myself when I wake up, "what a bummer - can't I even have a break in my dreams?" lol It's not all the time,... (17 replies)
... Thanks Missy for responding. I'm sry you're going thru a rough patch right now. It's not fun. I hope you feel better soon. I've not tried going for a walk, but I do lots of things to distract myself, mostly housework, reading, TV, hot baths...still that fog hits me every dam night. I think what I'm going to try next is just laying off the internet for awhile. I spend... (17 replies)
... HI Nikki! My obsessions have lasted, well... 6 years? They've been off and on, as I like to say, in remission and out of remission. But I always live with the fear that they will return. And now that fear has become my obsession. I'm going through a real crappy spell right now (thanks to a lunch conversation my coworkers were having a few days ago). And I can't wait for... (17 replies)
... Thanks nikki- Your right about it being sinus..Doctor gave me a script to dry me up, but they dry me up to a point where I feel I cant swallow and they keep me awake..He said that it drains into my ears and throat..But I know it is OCD obsession as well...I make a mountain out of a ant hill...I should have known..LOL (17 replies)
... If all your tests came back ok, you could be obsessing. Like we're talking about, you could be super sensitive to suble changes in your body. Could it be seasonal allergies even or changes in the weather? My sinuses get clogged up when there's a change of seasons. Since I got anxiety I've noticed my ears make clicking noises sometimes when I swallow, and sometimes they plug... (17 replies)
... I agree with you, OCD is strange indeed. I guess what I do is..I think about thinking. It's like since I've had my bout of OCD, I have a big flashing neon sign in my head that flashes OCD OCD OCD, with every suble change in my body be it physical or mental. In a way I'm glad I found out about OCD because it explains alot, and gives the monster a name, but on the other hand I... (17 replies)
... Nikki- For me personally, I truely believe it's the opposite of your brain being on "high-alert." At night our bodies slow down and our brains slow down. You said it yourself, at night you like to veg out, watch tv and have some snacks like we all do. I'm also a night owl and enjoy staying up late since I work second shift. I hate getting up in the morning anyway. =) ... (17 replies)
... Nikki- What are your obsessions? Intrusive thoughts? Do you have any ritutals? Just curious about what sets off your panic attacks? I was thinking about your thread this afternoon..I did state that I have to be careful of what I watch on tv or the books I read.. Boy was I ever right..I bought a 6 book series of a new author that I never read before..I started on... (17 replies)
... Thank you so much for your insight. That helped more than you know. I think I just need to be patient. Recovery it seems can be slow and tedious. I too have been avoiding TV and movies with violent themes because of my obsession..which is a drag because I'm a huge horror fan. I did watch CSI last night and was able to enjoy it..that was a baby step. Maybe I'll be able to... (17 replies)

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