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SSRIs and Pure O
Mar 1, 2007
... I suffer from OCD, not Pure-O (I assume that's shorthand for pure obsession), and I take only 100mg of Zoloft daily, but it's enough--when I'm on Zoloft, I have no symptoms of OCD. Perhaps Zoloft or another SSRI will do for you what Zoloft has done for me. I noticed the effects immediately--within an hour. That's very unusual; my psych. says I'm one of the 2 percent who get... (3 replies)
... Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder are often confused with one another. As a result GAD is a differential diagnosis for OCD and vice versa. GAD is diagnosed based on the following criteria: Excessive anxiety/worry must occurr more days than not for at least 6 months, about work, school, etc. The anxiety is difficult to control. Three of the six... (6 replies)
... ng, ordering, or hyper responsibility. When I was younger I had a few symptoms of scrupulosity but other than that the majority of my life has been government by Pure Obsession. ... (6 replies)

... f few outward compulsions and the years that went by before you were diagnosed that you might wanna do a search on "pure o" OCD, specifically "relationship" OCD. Pure o ocd is particularly stressful as most of the compulsions and reassuring are internal. it's also a major reason it can go undiagnosed so long. ... (6 replies)
... ined so that I could post a question for which I desperately need some feedback on. I could really use some advice regarding the best way to treat a sensorimotor obsession with breathing. It is impacting my life at this point. ... (0 replies)
... Also,risperdal,cymbalata,abilify,effexor,prozac,citalopram did nonthing for the obsession I have read that luvox annaferil and maybe paxil helps ocd thoughts tremendously what do you guys think what drug worked best for your obsessiveness? ... (1 replies)
... ome sport it automatically flies outta my head till I'm doing that acticity.......and ya Sometimes it becomes a compulsion to go a toilet....Other times its just pure pure obsession of thoughts......THOUGHTS that just don't go....Thoughts that cause anxiety!!!! ... (0 replies)
Pure ocd? Anxiety?
Jul 30, 2012
... I really didn't understand what was going on when I was younger, but I know that it made me avoid every possible situation where children were concerned so that I wouldn't have those thoughts! I have carried this w/ me for years, because the thoughts got worse and worse. I saw a therapist for years that was more of a help for my own personal issues, not so much OCD. She was... (6 replies)
... obsessing, grab a random notecard and do the action listed. You can use your refocusing efforts to simultaneously improve yourself. Sitting idle when you have an obsession is the worst thing you can do. ... (1 replies)
... Please, does anyone else think that their pure o is unique or that they are crazy and have something undiagnosed that just looks like pure o? ... (1 replies)
... What I know about OCD you could fit in a thimble. When I read these posts though I think to myself HERE THEY ARE SILENT YET THE MOST CORAGEOUS PEOPLE AMONG US you know what guts it took to go too that event, the most a ten, to even start this post, a heck of alot yeah yeah yeah, others disagree, see it as simple stuff, and you know what in person I would defend you... (28 replies)
Dressing ritual
Nov 16, 2008
... Does anyone out there have a certain way of putting their clothes on. For example, I must shake off my clothes first by grabbing both the shoulder end of the shirt and shake off the shirt (to get rid of dust) once or twice, then grab the other end or bottom end of the shirt and shake if off again once or twice. Then grab the middle of the shirt and shake if off again once or... (1 replies)
... I am glad to hear that those have gotten better! How have you heard about Pure O? ... (1 replies)
... Who was the author? I think that I started getting my intrusive harm thoughts from reading too much Dean Koontz! (17 replies)
... I will write this down in my calander..Start to keep track of how long a obsession last for...Has anybody else kept track by writing it down? ... (17 replies)
... HI Nikki! My obsessions have lasted, well... 6 years? They've been off and on, as I like to say, in remission and out of remission. But I always live with the fear that they will return. And now that fear has become my obsession. I'm going through a real crappy spell right now (thanks to a lunch conversation my coworkers were having a few days ago). And I can't wait for... (17 replies)
... dry me up, but they dry me up to a point where I feel I cant swallow and they keep me awake..He said that it drains into my ears and throat..But I know it is OCD obsession as well...I make a mountain out of a ant hill...I should have known.. ... (17 replies)
... I would love to get an answer to that...Im actually wondering if my "medical problem" is actually an obsession and not medical at all.. ... (17 replies)
... Hi Catgirl. I did have a harm obsession, but that's gone now. Now I'd say I obsess about how I'm feeling, I seem to be constantly taking stock of what I'm thinking, what sensations I'm experiencing, how to avoid slipping into a depersonalized state. etc. I can go about my regular routine ok, but there's another train of thought in my brain that is always on the look-out for... (17 replies)

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