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Racing thoughts
Aug 23, 2007
... bad. I have a obsession of washing, a little bit germs, checking things, and a little bit of counting too. My OCD is driving me crazy!!!!!! I can't stand it anymore. ... (14 replies)
Racing thoughts
Aug 22, 2007
... I have racing thoughts and I hear voices too. ... (14 replies)
Racing thoughts
Aug 19, 2007
... I'm wondering if anyone knows what the difference is between racing thoughts in bipolar disorder vs. OCD. I frequently have a loud inner voice and I am overly analytical, but it doesn't normally interfere with my life or cause anxiety. ... (14 replies)

... Also, racing thoughts is kinda vague. If the thoughts cause you anxiety and panic then you can clearly differentiate between Bipolar and Anxiety Dissorder. ... (2 replies)
... there can be bipolar symptoms in ocd and ocd symptoms in schizophrenia and anxiety in depression and adjustment disorder in anxiety and ptsd in ocd and....try to stick with the symtpoms and avoid the diagnostic labels which can tend to pigeon hole a person into a specific disorder. ... (2 replies)
... im having a hard time understanding something right now..i was just on the bipolar board and they were talking about racing thoughts being a part of manic episodes, but i thought it was common for people with anxiety and i would think especially ocd to have racing thoughts..or maybe im wrong.. ... (2 replies)
... racing thoughts, if caused by OCD, are an anxiety condition and IMO, antipsychotics are not any good and may do harm the meds you mention are ordinary antipsychotics, zyprexa is an atipical one and no good either, IMO try an antidepressant, the book brainlock has useful advice for unwanted thoughts (3 replies)
... making obsession that has taken over my life. i get worried that every thought that runs through my head is important and i have trouble letting passing thoughts go. ... (0 replies)
OCD or Bipolar??
Oct 20, 2013
... Hey so I was wondering if this was bipolar because I am really freaking out right now. I read some types of bipolar can cause talking really fast or a lot and racing thoughts. ... (0 replies)
OCD Anxiety?
Oct 15, 2013
... I just feel a little worried because whenever i start to feel anxiety, thats when new OCD thoughts pop in. any answers or tips? ... (0 replies)
OCD since 2005
Aug 3, 2013
... No, you are not alone. I am 41 and have had OCD since I was a teen and that has been the typical pattern for me. ... (1 replies)
OCD since 2005
Jul 31, 2013
... I was diagnosed with OCD and Depression back in 2005 and have been on Lexapro since then. ... (1 replies)
... I find that I don't adapt to change very well because of the OCD. I'll go through more racing thoughts and a bit of depression from it. I just got married, and it's a huge change for me. I'm sure a bit of time will also help you adjust. ... (5 replies)
... I was wondering if anyone else experiences this. My mind never shuts off and is too quick. I pay attention to great detail without trying. I can sum up a conversation before someone is finished with their first few words and I find it at times annoying because I already know what they are going to say.(i swear i'm not a b*tch) I seem to remember everything someone has said. I... (6 replies)
OCD and driving
Apr 11, 2012
... run ocd. Its tough to find anything about it online because its so rare. I know exactly how you feel. The racing thoughts as youre driving "did I just hit that person? ... (4 replies)
... I am on luvox 300 mg for the last 4 yeas and OCD is manageable. I take 100 mg each 3 times a day. ... (0 replies)
Is this OCD?
Jul 22, 2011
... I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss it. The stress, anxiety, racing thoughts, inability to finish things...all these sound like OCD to me. ... (5 replies)
Do I have OCD?
Jul 22, 2010
... Have you seen a doctor to get a diagnosis and help? It sounds like thats sometihing you should do right away. (1 replies)
Do I have OCD?
Jul 18, 2010
... So here is whats been going on. I have been having fast paced racing thoughts, more like flashing images accompanied by small sections of songs I REALLY hate that repeat themselves over and over again from my job that playes the same crappy music day after day all year long, i also constantly think about the past and what I would do differently, and i think about the future... (1 replies)
... It seems like you have so many different racing thoughts that you create a panic for yourself whether you want to be with her or not or can or cannot imagine her being with someone else. ... (15 replies)

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