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... If you are looking for anti-depressants I would suggest you go for natural(herbal) anti-depressants like Valerian, Kava Kava, St. John's Wort and Passion Flower. You can also take natural supplements like Magnesium, Zinc, Omega 3(Fish Oil) and B Vitamins. (4 replies)
... OCD can't be completely cured,only controlled Try 1000mg salmon oil to calm anxiety,zinc-magnesium supplements & protein supplements to help make brain chemicals.cut out sugars & junk foods that drain you and leave you weak,eat healthy foods so that your brain can manufacture needed chemicals.Research mental illness and family history. Exercise or do things that make you feel... (4 replies)
... Try 1000mg fish oil for calming,zinc-magnesium,multi-vitamin,and protein to make your brain chemicals.Improve your diet & decrease sugar & crappy fast foods.Nothing runs good on bad fuel.Don't drink coffee in the evening. (5 replies)

Meds for OCD
Apr 11, 2007
... Wow, this is great information! (9 replies)
Meds for OCD
Feb 10, 2007
... THis substance robs the body of zinc and B6, creating a deficiency. ... (9 replies)
Meds for OCD
Feb 9, 2007
... Yes I've heard about the pyroluria link. Do you mind if I ask how much zinc and B6 you take? ... (9 replies)
Meds for OCD
Feb 1, 2007
... Ten to 20% of the population suffers from undiagnosed pyroluria. Symptoms run the gamut from pale skin that burns easily to schizophrenia. In our family we have someone that's depressed with anxiety, someone with mild delusional paranoia, and someone with OCD. All have been helped with B6 and zinc. It may not be your particular ailment, but it is the condition responsible for... (9 replies)
Is this OCD??
Nov 8, 2005
... well im taking lexapro for ocd, anxiety and its helping a bit.....hey just a word of advice bpcomplex vitamin, zinc vitamin and vitamin c are great for your skin they help from the inside out oh yeah vitamin e and omega 3 complex......... ... (1 replies)
... I no longer suffer from OCD and DO take B complex, ester C, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and Omega 3 fish oil supplements BUT I wouldn't say any one or combination is necessarily the CURE for my depression and OCD. What I think they do is provide support for your system and gives your body what it needs to better heal itself if it already is on a path of healing itself from... (5 replies)
Aug 21, 2003
... I just want to add a thought or two to all of you out there who have troubling thoughts, I get them too but I find that my stress levels dictate how bad my OCD is. I try to walk at least every other day and eat right and take a vitamin B complex. ... (0 replies)
... e, i just replied to a couple of posts, and thought i'd put my reply for everyone, in case this could help you. I have had awful ocd and was very suicidal, i had ocd over all kinds of things, always being afraid of my own mind and my thoughts, i could get ocd over so many things, and life was awful. ... (0 replies)
... and i don't know if this could help you at all, but this is my story how i beat ocd and got better, i'll just send this to you in case something that helped me could help you too. ... (3 replies)
... hey there, i don't know if this could help you at all, but this is my story how i beat ocd and got better, i'll just send this to you in case something that helped me could help you too. ... (1 replies)
... That is very interesting and worth a try. I was wondering if "just because they are from a health food store" are they safe to take all together? Sure wish that they came in one time release pill. LOL Thanks for the info. georgi (4 replies)
... that included remedies called amoryn, mindsoothe, purecalm and so on, i didn't use any of them, but reading the testimonials, there were many from previous ocd sufferers, who got help from the products, i don't know if they could help you, too. ... (4 replies)
... Paxil put me to sleep,Serzone was not too bad,Wellbutrin had me bouncing off the walls.They all have side effects and even though they partially controlled my ocd and depression I still didn't feel normal. ... (1 replies)
Need responses
Feb 16, 2007
... Thank you! Aren't you just on top of things! I haven't tried the diet thing. Mainly because I've gotten overwhelmed since I've heard so many different things about it that I'm scared to try them - also, mine seems to flare worse with everything that I've been told works from other sufferers. As for the ointments & creams, though, with it being mostly on my head, it's... (15 replies)
Need responses
Feb 15, 2007
... ntal and Elemental nutrition'. He says that excess copper and sulfur maybe one metabolic factor. He says that ps patients require more than the usual amount of zinc to restore serum levels to a normal of 100 mcg percent. He suggests treating with vitamin a cream or retinol. ... (15 replies)
... A lot of research has been done about eating disorders and zinc and B6 deficiency. I know it probably sounds really random and out of the blue but it might be worth having a look in to. ... (3 replies)
... Has anyone used this or tried this to stop their OCD? Inositol Sugars found in nuts, etc etc? I was thinking this combined with the magnesium/zinc supplements could really help. Anyone? (0 replies)

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