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I read a website-it was a Canadian study-and we're not permitted to post websites here so can't direct you to it-but anyway, it basically said that strontium is strontium regardless of which salt (citrate/gluconate/ranelate) is attached to it. It's the strontium that is affecting bone activity, not the salt. Having said that, there are certain salts which facilitate absorption. I'm not sure if ranelate is one of them-likely is-but the degrees of absorption are probably not that dissimilar.
Your MD wants you on something which is "approved" because doctors have to cover themselves in case patients come back and sue them.
I'd suggest researching some comparisons of the salt component, then base your decision on that. You're actually fortunate that your doctor is knowlegeable about strontium. Here in N. America, most doctors still remain blissfully ignorant of anything other than Fosamax or Forteo:mad: .

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