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Hi, Canna~

I've been taking strontium for over a year now, ever since the DEXA I had done in August 2006 showed osteoporosis in my lumbar spine and hip.

Anyway, I posted the results of the DEXA done one year later, after a year's worth of strontium (taken away from my calcium, in the middle of the night), along with EZorb calcium, and a whole host of other supps, including K2.

FYI, I had the DEXA done with technicians who were aware that I'd been taking strontium and--at least they said--adjusted for any skewing.

Here's my post, from 8/25:

Such an interesting thread! I wanted to post to it because I too have been taking strontium (in its citrate form) for 13 months now, ever since my DEXA last July came back with a DX of osteopenia in my hip and lumbar spine
(-2.0) and osteoporosis in my lateral lumbar spine (-2.6). It was a significant leap down from the bone density of the year before that, and it shocked me. I mobilized the day my MD said, "Well, you may have just won yourself a year's trial of Fosamax."

I declined with thanks, and started in with a list of supplements that would have choked a horse. Main ones were EZorb Calcium (the powder) in the AM, with all sorts of attendant minerals (magnesium, potassium, boron, zinc, silicon, etc.) in separate bottles, K2 (the menatrenetone form), cod liver oil (1 teaspoon day, 1 teaspoon evening); then, in the PM, instead of EZorb I take BoneUp (which has all the minerals in it and the calcium is in the form of microcrystalline hydroxyapatite [MCHA]). Around 8 PM I take collagen powder dissolved in liquid, with my vitamin C. And the strontium citrate I take in the middle of the night--I get up anyway for a bathroom run, so I just take it then.

I just had my follow-up bone density DEXA August 14, over a year later, and I made sure the tech knew about the strontium going in. The results were encouraging: the hip and lumbar spine went from -2.0 to -1.1 and the lateral lumbar spine went from -2.6 to -1.6. Everything is now mild osteopenia.

I've no idea why or which or when...or if it will continue to improve or revert or what. But for now, I'm well pleased with the regimen and the results, and I will continue with the strontium citrate and everything else. So I just wanted to encourage you to give the strontium citrate a good trial, to try to take it well away from any calcium or calcium-containing foods (and preferably on an empty stomach)--and if you're taking K2, to try to make sure it's the menatetrenone (not menaquinone ) form.

Hope this helps, Canna!

Best, Sona

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