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I have had severe osteoporosis for many years and resisted drugs. Finally broke down and started Fosamax two years ago. No side effects and bone loss stabalized. About 9 - 10 months ago I started taking Strontium Citrate and just had my bone scan. I have increased bone density in my hip. Spine is the same. My OB/GYN said that she has six patients on Strontium and most have improved. She said my improvement was "clinically significant." I have an appointment with my primary physician coming up this week and want to ask him about going off the Fosamax. The people at the company from whom I purchase the Strontium (AlgaeCal) say that Fosamax reduces the effectiveness of the Strontium. Now I have two questions:

Anyone find anything to support the claim that Fosamax reduces the effectiveness of Strontium?

What about the fact that Strontium might diplaces the calcium in the bones? I read a post on this board quoted from the National Health Institute that this is the case and that Strontium might cause increased risks of venous blood clots and memory loss. Bummer.


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