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Jammed Forteo Pen
Dec 18, 2005
... Has anyone had their Forteo jam up so that the base can't be turned into order to use it? ... (3 replies)
... When I first started Forteo, I bought a Sharps needle disposal container that holds about 300 of the little pen needles. When full, you put the lid on and seal it where it is permanently locked. It says to dispose of properly which I assumed meant throw in the trash! ... (8 replies)
... Hello Forteo Users, I'm new to this list, but not Forteo. I've been using it for over 9 months. I've always had the larger pen and very short, fine needles; after a period of adaption, it's very easy to use. I inject the Forteo in the inner surface of alternate knees---there seems to be a 'dull spot' with diminished sensation. I use the alcohol wipe, blow on the skin, push... (21 replies)

... D with forteo just like you did with your other meds, unless the dr told you otherwise. ... (12 replies)
... I've been on Forteo for 13 months, and have had no problems. I understand your reluctance to give yourself a shot, but I promise, it's not that bad. ... (37 replies)
Jammed Forteo Pen
Dec 19, 2005
... I talked with Eli Lilly and the customer service person gave me a really bad time. She had me try several needles to unjam the pen, then said that that they will give me a voucher for a new pen. ... (3 replies)
... my needles don't have one. ... (10 replies)
... I felt that same way as you did about getting the pen mail order but the insurance company refused to pay unless I did. My reason was different than yours and was about the fact that I'm working during the day. ... (19 replies)
... You know, that is one thing that kinda surprised and then bugged me, that my insurance doesn't pay for the needles for injections. ... (19 replies)
... What size needles are you both using? ... (19 replies)
... Yes, Dorri, thank you, I am fine. Yesterday was just a busy, busy day and the needles didn't come in until this afternoon. ... (80 replies)
... Turns out, I "ain't" so smart after all. I thought I checked those needles good. Uh uh. ... (80 replies)
... Ugh, picked up my Forteo today. Yer right, I had to clean the frige out to make room. Sigh. ... (80 replies)
... from a trip involving travel by plane. It was about twelve hours from the time I left my house until I got to my destination due to changing planes. I put the Forteo pen in the travel pack that came in the startup kit with the two refrigerated gel packs. ... (35 replies)
... I get mine from Longs Pharmacy but I think they might have to special order them. I got the correct size needles from the hospital pharmacy also. You do want the short pen needles. ... (12 replies)
... If anyone should know the proper way to dispose of the needles, it would be a diabetic. I think our Forteo needles may even be smaller than an insulin needle. At least we don't have to worry about disposing of a syringe with every injection. ... (8 replies)
... Ask at your local pharmacy. I am on weekly B12 injections. My local pharmacy will take needles and dispose of them. I wasn't given a Sharps container so I keep them in a used butter container with cover. ... (8 replies)
... of the needles. It contains some dry powder in it that I believe is plaster of paris. When the container is full, you add water, shake it up, and let it set. The needles are lodged in the hardened plaster, making it safe to throw in the trash. Seems like that would be pretty easy to make yourself. ... (8 replies)
... I purchased a red needle container from the drugstore. I have been putting needles in it for seven months and it is still not full. I asked the pharmacist about how to dispose of the container and he did not know. ... (8 replies)
... urine tests done would take them, but it seemed kind of nervy to walk in and ask if I could dispose of my needles there. I guess, for now, I'll wait til my next doctor's appointment for anything. I'm due in a few months for my 6 mo. gynecological checkup. ... (8 replies)

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